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GLF Wines by Greg La Follette

Sonoma County region

A new winery project envisioned by winemaker Greg La Follette and Silicon Valley veteran Kevin Lee, GLF Wines delivers artisan wines of exceptional quality and value from unique locations in Sonoma County.

One of Sonoma County’s most respected winemakers has recently launched a new wine brand, dedicated to crafting premium wines from top tier vineyards and using skilled techniques to show off the distinct flavor profiles of each unique property. GLF Wines, named after co-founder and winemaker Greg La Follette, officially saw the light of day in August of 2021 and (to no surprise) is already off to a very strong start.

Known throughout the wine world as a “vine whisperer,” “cellar magician,” and tireless coaxer and protector of his handcrafted wines, Greg La Follette is something of a legend around Sonoma County - and for good reason. For over fifty years, Greg has plied his trade as a world-class winemaker, responsible for wine entities such as Flowers Vineyards and Winery, Alquimista Cellars, Steelhead Vineyards, La Follette Wines, and Tandem Wines, to name a few. He has been named Winemaker of the Year and tagged the ‘Prince of Pinot’ by the website of the same name.

Another notable detail from Greg’s background is his mentorship under André Tchelistcheff, considered the godfather of California winemakers. It was André who challenged Greg to “learn the heart and soul of wine,” and it’s a concept that Greg literally took to heart. For decades, Greg focused on agricultural management, enjoying close and extended relationships with top growers and fellow winemakers throughout northern California, Oregon, Europe, South America, and Australia. He was the consulting winemaker for the University of California Davis’ “teaching winery,” in addition to Kendall Jackson, where he started its La Crema and Hartford Court brands. To say Greg’s resume is impressive is quite the understatement.

The concept of GLF Wines had long been envisioned by Greg and his friend, Silicon Valley veteran Kevin Lee. When the two met at Sonoma Wine Country Weekend (when Greg was at the helm of Tandem Wine), they instantly bonded over their passions for wine, viticulture, and family, and a multi-decade friendship ensued. Over the years, the friends kept in touch, anxious to work together, and the slower pace of 2020 presented an opportunity to finally explore the possibilities of creating a new winery.

With Greg’s long-term relationships with several high-end Sonoma County grape growers, GLF Wines is able to source fruit from some of the region’s most exclusive, highly respected vineyards, and the resultant wines are balanced and expressive with a great sense of terroir. The pair also operate a sister brand, Marchelle Wines, which specializes in old-vine wines. Please enjoy this introduction to GLF Wines. Cheers!