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Napa Valley AVA

Renowned for producing wines of distinctive character and excellent quality

The production of Freemark Abbey began over a quarter of a century ago as a vision shared by a handful of pioneers, those with an intimate knowledge of grapes and a deep respect for the land.

This vision took root, was nurtured by skilled hands, and ultimately resulted in one of the first premium wineries in the Napa Valley. Named for the three businessmen who purchased the winery's site in 1939, Freemark Abbey produces three different Cabernets, although the wine they are best known for is the Cabernet Bosche.

With its first vintage dating back to 1970, the Cabernet Bosche stands as one of California's first vineyard-designated wines and is sourced exclusively from the Bosche Cabernet Sauvignon vineyard site in the Rutherford viticultural district of western Napa Valley. This property is renowned for producing wines of distinctive character and excellent quality.

Today, the wine of Freemark Abbey stands as a testament to what the rich earth of the Napa Valley is capable of creating when working in perfect harmony with nature.

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