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Sonoma County region

Guided by a family heritage of over six generations of wine grape growing

Founded by the same couple behind the wildly popular Gamba Vineyards and Winery in Sonoma County, Etrusca Wines is a new endeavor inspired by the Gamba family’s wine grape growing heritage and roots in Italy’s Old World winemaking culture. Etrusca Wines was created to celebrate this personal connection to the past and to the ancient, pre-Italian civilization of the Etruscans whose winemaking history dates back to the 4th century BC – perhaps the earliest known viticulture and winemaking record on the northern Italian peninsula. The 2012 Velia Red Blend marks the premiere limited release offering from this remarkable new brand.

Guided by a family heritage of over six generations of wine grape growing, Gus Gamba realized a lifelong dream in 1999 with the establishment of Gamba Vineyards and Winery. Along with his wife Paulette, Gus started producing wine under his own label with a sole focus on Old Vine Zinfandel. His 27-acre vineyard in the Russian River Valley is one of the few old vine vineyards left in Sonoma County, and with vines dating over 115 years old, it is truly a gem. Gus has built a reputable name for his winery over the years and continues to garner prestigious medals and ratings for his Zinfandels.

The idea for Etrusca Wines, Gus’s second wine label, began out of a desire to learn about his Italian family’s winemaking history. Digging far back into his family’s records and ancestry, Gus not only uncovered more information about his own family, but he also discovered the rather remarkable influence of the Etruscans – a wonderful, enigmatic culture that celebrated wine, introduced wines, and carried the knowledge of winemaking to its neighbors around the Mediterranean. Etrusca Wines was created to honor the legacy of both Gus’s family and the brilliant Etruscan civilization.

The focus at Etrusca is on blending, with a mission to create a palate of flavors that range from elegant to bold. Embracing the Etruscan spirit of discovery, the goal for Etrusca is to grow and source the best possible wine grapes from an unlimited number of carefully chosen vineyard sites, and blending those grapes together to produce unique and delicious wines. Enjoy!