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A glorious example of what is possible through vision and friendship

This exceptional winery had its birth on an Air France international flight from Paris to Los Angeles in 2010. A Frenchman, Aurelien Roulin, and an American, Ellie Anest, met and discovered a mutual passion for wine and a desire for creating extraordinary experiences for others. A friendship was quickly formed that morphed into the creation of Eleven Eleven Winery.

To start with, the numbers eleven eleven on a digital clock are usually referred to as the 'make-a-wish' minute. In the case of Eleven Eleven Winery, the numbers are meant to signify the time when all moments and elements come together, when the viewer takes stock of everything happening and enjoys the people they are with at that time. According to Ellie Anest, the winery's label is meant to be "a representation of time. It is always eleven eleven somewhere and that means something special to someone. It is all very personal."

Aurelien Roulin's interest in wine traces back to his family who has been in the business for many years. Ellie Anest's father was a Nebraska farmer of Greek origin and both families tightly embraced the food and culture of their respective backgrounds. Wine was an integral part of their family lives and each family meal included wine and good friendship from everyone.

At one point, a supporter was brought in as an investor. Carol Vassiliadis was a friend as well as a noted philanthropist who solidified the new winery project. Together, the three combined their business expertise and the Eleven Eleven Winery became a reality.

Several real estate projects were brought together including a remarkable property called Laki's Vineyard House in Napa Valley. The house became the cornerstone and eventually the winery site for the new endeavor. A custom crush facility was also added that now boasts some 24 clients who utilize the resource. At present, three vineyard properties are owned by the entity and additional grapes are sourced from topmost quality vineyards (Dutton Ranch, and Bacigalupi Vineyard, both in the Russian River Valley AVA).

The first release of around 830 cases of Eleven Eleven Winery came in 2014. Needless to say, the winery was an instant success as witness to the high number of scores and awards given to its incredible offerings since inception. Eleven Eleven is still a boutique operation today with a production of around 600 cases each year.

It is our pleasure to introduce our members to this wonderful winery. We are sure you will continue to read about Eleven Eleven Winery and enjoy their wines for a long, long time to come. Cheers!

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Kirk Venge - Winemaker

Picture of Kirk Venge - Winemaker

Winemaker Kirk Venge is one of the most recognized and sought after winemakers in Napa and Sonoma. He is the owner and winemaker of Venge Estate Vineyards and the new label, Croix Estate, in addition to being the consulting winemaker for several boutique producers including B Cellars, Bacio Divino, Janzen, Beau Vigne, Hunnicutt Wines, Macauley Vineyard, and Renteria Wines.

Growing up in Rutherford, in the heart of Napa Valley, Kirk comes from a long line of winemakers dating back to his great grandfather. His winemaking focus has always been "vineyard first" and at Eleven Eleven Winery, he can utilize his best skills and creativity to show off the prime real estate with compelling wines.