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Canary Islands

Vineyards were first planted soon after the eruptions of 1736 by punching through lava and ash to find usable soil.

Bodegas El Grifo is the Canary Islands’ oldest winery and arguably its best known. Antonio de Torres Ribera’s parents owned the original plantation in the San Bartolome area before the volcanic eruptions from 1730-1736. He inherited the land soon after and ended up planting the grapevines and constructing the original bodega, which is currently the museum located on the property. Today’s winery and museum operation covers an impressive 140 acres in the Lanzarote DO. The winery gets over 40,000 visitors each year. The currents owners are the 5th generation of the Duran family that acquired Bodegas El Grifo in 1880.

The soils are entirely volcanic, having been covered by lava and ash. Vineyards were first planted soon after the eruptions, either by removing part of the ash or by punching holes through the lava to find usable soils.

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Island of Lanzarote

Picture of Island of Lanzarote

Lanzarote gets the most attention from wine aficionados due to its one-of-a-kind vineyards. Its landscape is almost moonlike; shallow holes dug into flat, black soil within which the vines are grown. A large stone wall encircles each vine, and protects the vine from strong, almost destructive winds. These winds have an upside in that they help moderate Lanzarote’s desert climate. Mostly white varietals are grown here with the remarkable Malvasia the predominant grape.

Canarian whites are predominant in production and are mostly opulent and full-bodied, sometimes featuring a citric expression that is pleasing to the palate. Reds tend to favor Burgundian wines, complex and deeply colored with hints of pepper, mocha, caramel and smokiness.

The main white grape verities are the Malvasia, Listen Blanco (also known as the Palomino, sherry great grape), Marmajuelo, Gual, Verdello, Forattera, Viljariego, Albillo and other, lesser grapes.