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Handcrafted wines dedicated to expressing the distinctive Green Valley AVA of the Russian River Valley

Located in the Green Valley AVA of the Russian River Valley, the Dutton Estate Winery was founded in 1995 by Joe and Tracy Dutton, of one of the best-known families in Sonoma County. Joe and Tracy's agricultural heritage is deeply rooted in Sonoma, and they were inspired to start a business in which their children could work alongside them - and one that would celebrate their families' farming legacies. Dutton Estate Winery and the production of high end Chardonnay and Pinot Noir was the answer to this dream.

Joe Dutton was born and raised on his family's farm, Dutton Ranch, which was founded in 1964 by his parents - Warren and Gail Dutton. The property was originally planted to French Colombard wine grapes and apples and Joe became interested in the family farming business as a young boy. He remembers growing up picking apples, operating the farm equipment, and helping his father oversee the orchards and expand the vineyards every day after school and during summer vacations. He was dedicated to pursuing the family business and with his perseverance and hard work, Joe helped expand the Ranch beyond his father's wildest dreams. Today's Dutton Ranch consists of 1,200 acres of wine grapes and 200 acres of California Certified Organic apples.

Joe's wife and business partner, Tracy Dutton, was also born and raised in Sebastopol where her grandparents established Kozlowski Farms in 1949. From a young age, Tracy worked with her family, picking fresh berries and apples, making jam, and baking with her grandmother. She eventually managed the family's retail store that expanded from fresh berries and apples to more than 70 food products produced on the family's farm. After studying marketing and economics at school, she pursued an accounting position at Kozlowski Farms. It was during this time that she met and married the boy from the ranch next door - Joe Dutton.

Creating a business for their children to grow into has been the Duttons' dream, and so came the establishment of Dutton Estate Winery. Joe's daily focus is in the vineyards and operating Dutton Ranch, while Tracy spends her time at Dutton Estate Winery, overseeing the winery and its operations - which includes a custom crush facility for several high-end Sonoma and Napa wine producers. Their oldest daughter, Kyndall, is the administrative coordinator and hospitality ambassador and their younger daughters are finishing up school with plans to join the winery as well. The daughters mark the sixth generation of their family of farmers. At Dutton Estate, the family is committed to creating wines of 'place' with distinguished flavors of sustainable terroir. Since 1995, they have created some of the best wines Sonoma County has to offer.

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