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Dusty Nabor Wines

Sta. Rita Hills AVA

This true Garagiste winemaker set his roots in a most unlikely setting.

For a number of years Dusty Nabor (nay-boor) Wines was the only wineries operating out of Westlake Village on the outskirts of Los Angeles, not exactly a mecca for wine producers or any types of commercial endeavors.

For Dustin ‘Dusty’ Nabor, 44, it was simply a means to an end. “I wanted a place that was close and handy so I rented some space and went to work,” the owner/winemaker stated. “I still had my day job and the winery was my dream. When I attempt something, I tend to go all-in. I’ve just moved our winery to a new location in Camarillo that is more rural and allows for a bit of expansion.”

Dusty Nabor Wines first saw the light of day in 2015 when it produced a tiny 50 cases. Its success (his first wine received a 92 point score) during the ensuing years has increased its current production to around 1,000 annual cases.

Dusty Nabor contends that he became interested in the wine business by drinking wine. “I’m definitely from the consumer side of the business,” he asserted, “and I am completely self-taught when it comes to winemaking. I’ve had several mentors (Nile Zacherle, Matt Dees, Paul Frankel) since I started and I’ve always followed their advice and we’ve been quite successful so far.”

Nabor also credits the high standards he sets for selecting fruit for his wines as one of the keys to Dusty Nabor Winery’s continuing success. “The grapes I get are the best I can find and everyone knows that great wines come from highest quality fruit. I learned that in the beginning and I have not wavered one bit even if the grapes were extremely expensive.”

The label for Dusty Nabor Wines is a typical small winery story. He gave a depiction of what he wanted to a graphic artist on a napkin and selected a design from several he was offered. “I wanted it to be clean and bold and the star was something I’ve always been attracted to. When I raced motorcycles, all the helmets bore stars, lots of them. I’ve always associated stars with quality so my wine label affirms my interest in stars and the heavens.”

Dusty Nabor Winery offers a rare insight into a true garagiste effort to produce very high caliber wines in a boutique setting. We know our Garagiste Wine Club members will relish this unique Grenache and its award-winning owner and winemaker. Enjoy!

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