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To say that the DuMOL Winery is a work of art would be a gross understatement. The Russian River Valley based winery is a highly specific, state-of-the-art winemaking facility that was carefully engineered and constructed to afford maximum quality production and world-class wines.

DuMOL Winery owner Kerry Murphy credits his interest in wines to his travels to France early in his life. Kerry’s family was in the tire business and sold Michelin products and often traveled to Michelin’s headquarters in Clermont-Ferrand, France. It was very close to Bordeaux and Burgundy, which Kerry found himself especially drawn too, and the great winemaking regions soon became familiar destinations for the Murphy family.

After the Murphys’ business was sold to Goodyear Tire Company, Kerry decided to enter the winery business. He had maintained a small cellar that was home to a number of top-caliber French wines and wanted very much to create a winery that emulated the great varietals from the country. After a great deal of searching for a winery location, Kerry settled on Sonoma’s Russian River Valley and set out with the intention of crafting some of the best wines in the world.

The Russian River Valley AVA and its smallish neighbor Green Valley AVA are part of the coolest growing area in Northern California and still subject to the Pacific Ocean’s coastal influences. The soils also vary throughout the area, which provides great diversity for the vines planted there. The region was the perfect setting for Kerry’s new winery, which would focus on his favorite Burgundian varietals of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

DuMOL Winery, named after the initial winemaker’s children (Duncan and Molly), released its first 300 cases (equal numbers of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay) in 1996 and the rest was history. The winery has consistently garnered excellent reviews from the top periodicals and sells out of every wine every year. Given the spectacular quality that has emerged from DuMOL, it is surprising that the winery is still fairly under the radar.

While DuMOL Winery owns three distinct vineyards for its estate production, it also purchases fruit from many of the premier growers in the area. The likes of Dutton Ranch, Larry Hyde & Sons Vineyard, and Charles Heintz Vineyard produce grapes that become a part of DuMOL Winery’s prestigious portfolio. The wines are made at DuMOL’s incredible winery facility that was constructed in Windsor, California in 2008.

DuMOL is a magnificent operation that has set itself apart from many of its competitors and we are proud to present their latest achievement. Cheers!

Featured Wines

Andy Smith - Winemaker

Picture of Andy Smith - Winemaker

Scottish-native Andy Smith discovered his love for wine while working at a quirky Edinburgh wine store during college. After honeymooning in Sonoma and developing a passion for the region’s Pinot Noir, he and his wife decided their future lay in vineyards and winemaking. They quit their jobs and comfortable city lifestyle and spent the next five years “following the harvest” between New Zealand, Australia, and Northern California.

While working for an eclectic range of star producers, Andy also earned a degree in viticulture and enology from Lincoln University in Christchurch, NZ. He next gained experience as Paul Hobbs’ assistant winemaker in Sonoma, before joining DuMOL in 1999. Any has since helped grow this tiny winemaking venture into a world-renowned Russian River Valley winery.

Dear Platinum Wine Club Members,

Picture of Dear Platinum Wine Club Members,

Since our first harvest in 1996, we have thoughtfully assembled an unparalleled collection of vineyard sites that we individually farm to capture their full beauty. Our viticulture emphasizes soil and vine health through minimal external inputs. Our handwork in the vines is extensive, our crop levels moderate, and our fruit selection strict. Each year we ‘follow the vintage,’ intensively focused on the perfect day to harvest – neither too early nor too late. Our winemaking is intuitive and concentrates on the needs of each wine, employing the least ‘technique’ necessary. Our strong stylistic vision is precise and consistent – we strike our own path and do not follow trends. Our quality is evident in every glass, especially the last sip!

Our 2012 ‘Isobel’ Chardonnay was harvested from DuMOL rows in the Charles Heintz Vineyard located on the Sonoma Coast. Charles has been a friend of DuMOL and his vineyard has been an integral part of our wines since our inception twenty years ago. The perfect phrase to describe this vintage is ‘bountiful, beautiful, and spectacular.’ It was a mellow vintage without any real defining climatic events – not too wet or too dry, not too hot or too cold. The ‘Isobel’ reflects these traits, as it is very generous and charming with the usual display of stunning elegance, aromatic complexity, and balance – a DuMOL trademark.

At the end of the day, the wines must speak for themselves and you will be the final judge of our efforts. As I have said before to our DuMOL pre-release members, ‘I have neither doubt nor fear that you will find them as described.’


Kerry J. Murphy
DuMOL Winery Founder