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Gaining additional respect with each vintage

Our third International Wine Club selection, Domaine d’Escary, comes from a different area of France, not far from the city of Móntpellier in Southern France, almost due west of the prestigious Rhône Valley.

The wine-growing region is officially known as Languedoc-Roussillon, and is the home to many of the newer stars in the French wine industry, including the Domaine d’Escary.

The Domaine d’Escary represents five generations of the Escary Family, dating back to 1830. The family first grew vines on small plots of land that were perched on the hillsides around the town of Montarnaud. In those days, the land was cleared by hand and stonewalls were built to retain the soil. Remnants of those original stonewalls can be seen at Domain d’Escary today.

In 1976, Jacky Fournier took over as the fifth generation owner and winemaker for Domaine d’Escary. He spent a great deal of time and attention toward improving the vineyards that were grown at an altitude of almost two hundred feet and that benefited from nearby warm Mediterranean sea breezes. Fournier also employed deep pruning methods that in turn produced low yields, so important to really top quality wines.

The resultant Domaine d’Escary is composed of 60% Syrah and 40% Cabernet Sauvignon, again a typical blending of varietals for that section of France. The Vin de Pays d’Oc appellation it carries is one of the most progressive in France and has gained additional respect with each vintage.

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Wine Regions of France

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After France suffered economically under two world wars in the 1900s there was a significant decrease in the quality and availability of prestigious French wines, so the A.O.C. (or Appellation d’origins Controlée – meaning “regulated origin name”) was devised. The A.O.C. outlined the standards for today’s wine regulations to define grape growing regions as well as protect the quality of wines. It is estimated that France has around 150,000 grape growers, producing about 1.5 billion gallons of wine per year. There are numerous wine growing regions in France, the following are the most recognized. The featured French International Wine Club wines are from three different wine regions.