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From the world-famous Burgundy region of France comes a boutique producer with commitment to tradition

Located in the historic Côte de Beaune region of Burgundy, France, Domaine Debray is a relatively new small winery operation owned by Yvonnick Debray. Since 2006, Domaine Debray has built a reputation for offering a large variety of handcrafted, high-end Burgundies from the best villages in the region. We are excited to share one of these special bottlings with our Pinot Noir Series members.

Domaine Debray is nestled in the heart of Beaune, the wine capital of Burgundy in eastern France. Also one of the key wine centers in the country, Beaune is home to the annual wine auction of Hospices de Beaune (the primary wine auction in all of France). The town has a rich historical and architectural heritage and is surrounded by some of the world’s most famous wine villages. One of the most notable landmarks, the Château de la Rochepot 13th Century castle is actually located quite near the Domaine Debray winery.

Born in Brittany, France, Yvonnick Debray found his way into the winery business in an unusual way. While many French wine producers follow in line behind generations of winemakers and family lineages in the industry, Yvonnick instead grew up pursuing a career in accounting. He always had a passion for wine though, and eventually found himself living in Paris selling Burgundy wines on the French market. He spent twenty years in this position, acquiring a wealth of knowledge about wine production and the art of being a winemaker, and in 2006, decided to settle down in Burgundy and purchase his first vineyard. It was the humble start of Domaine Debray.

To craft his wines, Yvonnick Debray hired renowned enologist Jean-Philippe Terreau, who brought nearly thirty years of winemaking experience throughout the Burgundy region. It is his goal to produce wines that accurately and beautifully represent the terroir from which they are from. At Domaine Debray, it is of the utmost importance to not only respect the terroir of the vineyards, but to uphold the classic winemaking traditions of the region, and preserve the environment for generations to come.

Today, Domaine Debray owns vineyards throughout the Burgundy region, offering a number of different white and red wines from various appellations, including some Premier Crus and Grand Crus, the highest vineyard quality classifications in Burgundy. Domaine Debray has earned significant recognition from esteemed international wine press, including Decanter magazine and Wine & Spirits, solidifying its presence and reputation for high quality wines. The winery is best known for its classic Pinot Noir, the most popular red varietal of Burgundy.

Jean-Philippe Terreau

Picture of Jean-Philippe Terreau

The wines for Domaine Debray are made by renowned Burgundy winemaker Jean-Philippe Terreau, who oversees every detail of the winemaking process with intense expertise.

He is committed to creating the best wines possible at Domaine Debray - a process that starts in the vineyard by establishing sustainable growing practices and ensuring small yields, and ends in the cellar with gentle pressing, meticulous temperature control, and natural fermentation. Jean-Philippe has quickly established a prolific range of high-quality Burgundian wines that are proudly gaining international recognition.