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The dynamic pairing of two sisters, Sydel Curry and Ayesha Curry, in a highly competitive industry that spares no one, makes it even more whimiscal in the grand scale of life's aspirations.

If the name sounds a bit familiar to you, you are in the right ballpark, er, basketball court. Domaine Curry is the handiwork of a pair of Currys, Sydel and Ayesha to be exact. Sydel Curry, 24, is the youngest Curry sibling (and sister of NBA star Steph Curry) and Ayesha is Steph Curry’s wife.

The two are the owners of the new winery, Domaine Curry, that made its debut last year. Needless to say, the debut was star-studded - the correct choice of words.

“Basically, Ayesha and I were looking for a business where we could work together,” admitted Sydel Curry. “We looked at a clothing business, sunglasses, and some other things. My Mom’s 50th Birthday made it all happen. Ayesha was in the middle of making a toast to my mom, Sonya, and said something about all the ‘bulls’ in the family, and she was talking about the women. We have great female members of our family and we have always liked wine.”

Sydel pointed out the fact that her parents, Dell and Sonya, had always involved the family with wine, good wine, at family gatherings and family dinners. “When we all sat around and talked about what was going on in the world, that was really the best time for me. When we were small, the only wine we were allowed to taste was the little bit that remained after we dipped our fingers in the wine glass. When we got older, we began tasting and drinking for ourselves.”

Sydel Curry referred to Proverb 31:16 as proof that women should be in the wine business. In part, it states: She considers a field and buys it; out of her earnings, she plants a vineyard.”

Since both women have decidedly red wine palates, it was agreed that the first offering for the new entity, Domaine Curry, would be a Cabernet Sauvignon, their favorite wine. The pair went to a Napa Valley vintner, John Schwartz, who helped the project reach fruition.

“Ayesha has a real background in food and even a pair of network food shows to her credit,” explained Sydel Curry. “To be able to do something we both really loved was truly a dream come true. While we realized we were both novices in the wine business, we knew that if we had the right people surrounding us, we had a chance of succeeding.”

What happened next is the stuff that Hollywood dreams are made of. Their first offering, a 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon of only 300 cases was incredibly well received by both consumers and wine business periodicals. Domaine Curry was on its way!

Were you surprised at your wine’s instant success? “To be totally honest, yes, we were surprised - and grateful,” added Sydel Curry. “The experience was more rewarding that we realized it would be - customers liking the type of wine we enjoyed all the time. To us, it meant our palates knew what they were doing.”

Both Sydel and Ayesha participated in the final blending of the Cabernet Sauvignon, along with winemaker Kent Jarman. “Kent is just fabulous; he realizes we are both beginners and explains everything to us down to the last part of the process. It is amazing to see the wine develop, both in the cask and in the bottle. It’s almost like magic, it really is.”

Domaine Curry intended to increase its production to 700 cases for the following vintage, but the Napa Valley fires of 2017 prevented that. Still, it is the intent of Domaine Curry to increase its production to around 1,000 cases within the next few years. To that end, a Sauvignon Blanc was recently released in June and has experienced the same success as its Cabernet Sauvignon sibling.

Both Sydel and Ayesha Curry spend a good deal of their time promoting Domaine Curry. The label that denotes a clean, crisp feeling about the brand also has a variety of different red colors that are intended to reflect the different personalities of the Curry women.

Domaine Curry seems destined for greatness - in the wine business, no less. The dynamic pairing of two sisters in a highly competitive industry that spares no one, makes it even more whimsical in the grand scale of life’s aspirations.

Domaine Curry also has a number of long-term contracts with upscale growers that assures the entity of excellent fruit for the foreseeable future. It is a great honor to introduce our Diamond Wine Club members to this marvelous red wine from this boutique darling of the wine industry. Enjoy every last drop!