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In a region that produces one of the Loire Valley’s most revered wines, Domaine Bouchié-Chatellier crafts premium Sauvignon Blanc from ancient soils and exceptionally unique terroir.

Widely regarded as one of the best producers in the Pouilly-Fumé winegrowing region of France’s Loire Valley, Domain Bouchié-Chatellier dates back to the early nineteenth century. Today, the estate is overseen by Arnaud Bouchié, the fifth generation of winegrowers to be crafting world-class, award-winning wines from this historic family property.

It all began with Robert Poirier who established the ‘La Renardière’ domain close to a small forest with a healthy population of foxes (‘Renardière’ translates to foxhole). Robert was a pioneer with a passion for modernizing traditional winegrowing techniques as well as a firm believer in the potential of Loire Valley’s Pouilly-Fumé, an appellation known for its dry Sauvignon Blanc wines. Over the years, he expanded the site by clearing the hillsides and planting vines in the unique Kimmeridgian marl soils, which offer a mix of limestone and clay and date back to the Jurassic period - making the soil over 150 million years old! Robert also introduced new pruning methods, won the estate’s first medals, and even opened a wine bar named “Au Pouilly” in nearby Nevers.

In the early 1900’s, another producer by the name of Eugene Bouchié bought a vineyard from the neighboring chateau, nestled on the same Saint Andelain hillside as the La Renardière estate. Eugene and Robert’s children eventually married and merged the two entities, creating Domaine Bouchié-Chatellier as it stands today. The blending of the two terroirs of these great vineyards gives the ‘La Renardière’ cuvées their unique complexity and differentiate them from other wines in Pouilly-Fumé.

Today, under the guidance of Arnaud Bouchié, Domain Bouchié-Chatellier grows premium Sauvignon Blanc across 55 acres. Winemaking is done as naturally as possible, preserving the terroir and natural freshness and minerality these old vine grapes provide. Arnaud’s wines are highly regarded as some of the best in Pouilly-Fumé and it is a pleasure to share one of his esteemed bottles with our wine club members. Enjoy!