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An opportunity to taste very rare, top-quality, small-production wines from proud and passionate owners

If you happened to be born in the San Francisco Bay area and your parents decided to move to Napa Valley when you were ten, what would be your normal progression from that point?

If your name was Grant Long, Jr., you would wait until you were 17 to make your first wine in your parents’ garage.

“After the wine was bottled,” recalled Grant Long, Jr., “Our neighbors began dropping by to see if they could buy a bottle or two for their cellar. I guess you could say that it pleased a number of palates at the time. In actuality, it gave me the impetus to continue my infatuation with the almighty grape. The rest is history.”

Grant entered the wine industry by a curious route, as the owner of a company that offered tours of the Napa Valley and its small, boutique wineries. While he maintained interest in the winery side of the business, he felt it was impossible to ever own his own winery. When his tour customers regaled in meeting the people behind the wineries and sharing their stories, a light clicked in Long’s mind.

He began a long odyssey working with numerous quality wineries where he learned the business from the ground up. Included in the stops were the likes of William Hill Estate Winery, Frank Family Vineyards, and a number of others. “I worked in every facet of the wine industry,” added Grant. “I am proud to be a self-taught winemaker and one of the youngest first generation winery owners in Napa Valley. I take a grass-roots approach to every wine I make and it seems to be working.”

By 2014, Grant Long, Jr. had established himself among Napa Valley’s winemaking professionals at an elevated level. He was serving as winemaker at the well-respected Napa Valley winery on Diamond Mountain called, Reverie.

When founder-owner Norm Kiken decided to sell Reverie, Long jumped at the chance. Included in the purchase was Daydream Wine Cellars that had begun operations in 1994 and was considered a jewel in the Reverie operation.

“Reverie means ‘daydream’ in French,” Long pointed out. “It was a natural in that it was always intended to provide an outlet for really incredible wines that didn’t fit the Reverie profile. It was always completely mountain-oriented from a fruit perspective and it was only produced when truly special fruit came along. The result was always a wine with a distinctive backbone and layers and layers of structure in the old style of Napa Valley winemaking.”

Long pointed out that Norm Kiken was the reason he had become such a successful winemaker. “Norm gave me one of my first opportunities in the wine business and I can honestly say I would not be here today if it wasn’t for all of his support. Today, he is not only a friend but a business mentor.”

Daydream Wine Cellars features an imposing label that seems to stare at the sky while laying on one’s back. The intended musing is in direct relation to the type of winery Long intends Daydream Wine Cellars to be.

“From the beginning, we have stressed the emphasis of hospitality, customer service and overall quality of wine for our company,” he went on. “We have about seventy-five acres of vines to draw from, all in important mountain-related appellations. The fruit varies from year to year and the subtleties that arise in the fruit are almost unreal. My job is to put together wines that offer a true insight into their varietal character. Our Daydream Wine Cellars 2015 Red Blend combines fruit from three outstanding appellations: Spring Mountain, Mt. Veeder, and Calistoga. When put together, the result is absolutely fascinating to both the nose and the palate. Layers and layers of fruit and an incredible soft fruit nose from the Calistoga Cabernet Franc. It’s the type of wine that made Napa Valley famous in the 1970’s, before everyone went to single vineyard designations. It’s definitely the kind of wine I truly enjoy making, make no doubt about that.”

Grant Long, Jr. works hand in hand with his wife Megan, who is responsible for the business side of Daydream Wine Cellars. “She actually has many roles in the operation,” finalized Long. “We work alongside nicely and I couldn’t do it without her.”

Daydream Wine Cellars is a unique opportunity to taste a very rare, top-quality, small-production wine, of which its passion comes from owners who are justly proud of their wine.

It is our pleasure to introduce this remarkable wine to our Platinum Wine Club members. Enjoy!

Dear Platinum Wine Club Members,

Picture of Dear <i>Platinum Wine Club</i> Members,

It is my pleasure to introduce you to the 2015 Daydream Red Blend. Daydream Wine Cellars is focused around small lot productions that exemplify the unique growing regions and grapes that make up hillside vineyards in Napa Valley. Daydream’s first release in 1994 was crafted from terraced vineyards on Diamond Mountain, and the tradition continues in the 2015 release that is born from Cabernet Sauvignon vineyards on Spring Mountain, Cabernet Franc from the Eastern Palisades of Calistoga and Malbec from Mt. Veeder. The sold of Daydream is truly found in the volcanic soils and elevation that create the concentrated characteristics found in mountain grapes.

As a winemaker, I have always been drawn to the mountains of Napa Valley. The amazing alluvial fans and hundreds of years of erosion have brought great notoriety to areas in Napa Valley like Oakville and Rutherford. But, I have always felt that going to the source of that moving rock on the eastern and western hillsides was the place to start when looking for great grapes.

This release is limited to the 95 case production that was secured exclusively by Gold Medal Wine Club. I hope you enjoy the wine and share in my passion creating exclusive, small lot wines.


Grant Long, Jr.