Cupa Grandis

Paso Robles AVA

94 Points by Wine News

Originally named for the goddess of the dawn in ancient Greek mythology, EOS Estate Winery uses state-of-the-art, eco-friendly technology to harness the sun’s energy to craft premium wines. EOS has become a leading producer of award-winning wines on California’s Central Coast and the spectacular 104,000 square foot Romanesque facility is among the largest and most exquisite wine country destinations within Paso Robles. In 2007, Sapphire Wines acquired EOS Estate Winery and launched a cutting-edge solar energy system to power the winery and tasting room operations. Passionate supporters of eco-friendly farming and wine production, EOS is now the largest winery on the Central Coast to run completely on alternative energy. Just last month, Sapphire Wines was acquired by The Saint James Company, which specializes in the distribution of New World wines and ensures an exciting future for the estate. EOS also recently replanted several vineyard blocks, added new vines, and recruited a new director of winemaking, Nathan Carlson, who brings more than a decade of winemaking experience to the incredibly successful Estate. As EOS moves forward with its modernized facility and top-notch winemaking lab, it successfully upholds its lovely old-world ambiance and untouchable reputation of world-class wines.

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