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Creating wines that bring friends together and inspire great memories

Founded in 2008 by Ryan Moreland, Corvalle (pronounced ‘Kohr-vawl’) was inspired by the pioneering spirit of Napa Valley’s original growers who first recognized the soul of the region. Before the destination wineries, before the fame and all the four-star glamour, there was just a valley, and it took the vision and persistence of those first farmers to cultivate the land’s potential. Ryan Moreland’s wines are a tribute to these founding fathers who paved the way for young winemakers like himself. The name of the winery, Corvalle, is derived from Latin and means ‘the soul of the valley’.

Ryan developed an appreciation for farming early on in life, helping his family manage almond orchards and honeybees for pollination, but it wasn’t until the Morelands purchased property in Rutherford in 2005 and developed a vineyard that Ryan discovered his true calling in the world of agriculture. Ryan helped his family plant the Rutherford Runway Vineyard, located on what was once part of the original sprawling Inglenook Estate, where an old dirt runway existed for small planes early last century. Today, the runway is no more, but the small one-acre vineyard in its place now shares a special piece of history.

After earning a degree in environmental chemistry from UCSD, Ryan moved to the Valley and started working in the wine lab of a prestigious wine analysis company. He continued his education in winemaking at a number of respected Napa wineries, including Etude, Rubicon Estate, and Salvestrin Estate before deciding to focus on building his own winery label. Ryan credits evenings spent with friends around his family vineyard’s large redwood table, enjoying a bottle of wine, as his inspiration for Corvalle - he wanted to create wines that would bring friends together and inspire great memories, while giving credit to those who paved the way before him.

At Corvalle, Ryan makes single vineyard wines from some of the Valley’s most dedicated growers, the ones who continue a legacy of cultivating the land’s potential. Although still a very tiny entity, Corvalle has already created a reputation of great wines and is quickly rising as an all star producer among Napa’s ultra boutique wineries. Cheers!

Ryan Moreland - Owner & Winemaker