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“We were formed to showcase small vineyard plots that produce exceptional fruit. Our business plan is for us to remain small, under 1,000 cases.”

Another definition of Garagiste — two couples extremely passionate about the wines produced in the area where they live decide to get together and start a new winery. Such is the case with Concur Wines, a recent addition to the growing family of wineries that call Paso Robles home.

It might help to know that one of the couples, Natasha Boffman and John Guffey, had extensive history in the wine business before beginning their new project. Boffman is a veteran winemaker with a Master’s Degree in Enology from heralded UC Davis and stints at the likes of Stag’s Leap Winery in Napa Valley, Meridien Vineyards and Taz Vineyards in Paso Robles and South Australia’s Jamieson’s Run. Guffey has worked a number of production jobs in the wine industry and is currently the partner/general manager of KrushWerks, a custom crush Central Coast facility.

Concur Wines first saw the light of day in 2016, with a tiny production of only 375 cases. “We will always be a minimal production winery,” informed Natasha Boffman. “We were formed to showcase small vineyard plots that produce exceptional fruit. Our business plan is for us to remain small, under 1,000 cases.”

Patrick and Paige Wilson handle the sales and marketing chores for Concur Wines. During an extensive search for a name for the entity, Paige Wilson sent back an email with the words “I concur”. The word concur had a certain resonance to it and it was soon decided that Concur Wines was preferential to what had been proposed.

The attractive labeling is the product of Patrick Wilson’s graphic design talents. His work symbolizes nature and woods and the three elements that are the necessities of making wine; earth, sun and science.

“Concur Wines is a perfect four-person partnership,” added Natasha Boffman. Our families have similar but different backgrounds. We have been able to mold the pieces together and produce some outstanding wines.”

The emphasis at Concur Wines is on Rhône-style blends that are made with a feminine touch but exhibit the boldness that growers in the Paso Robles’ west-side growing area have become noted for. “I’m all about doing my own thing,” Boffman confessed. “I feel the challenge associated with Rhône-style varietals is ongoing and I feel that we are capable of producing something great in our wines.”

Concur Wines opened their bonded winery and tasting facility just over a year ago in Tin City, the industrial makers market nestled among Paso Robles’ storied oaks. It has become the urban winemaking hub of the city and a place to be included on any Central Coast outing.

Cheers to our Garagiste Wine Club members, enjoy this beautiful bottling!

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