Comartin Cellars

Central Coast AVA

A small side project aimed at showcasing Grenache

Comartin Cellars was founded in 2008 by Adam and Jennifer Comartin as a small side project aimed at showcasing the little-known Grenache grape. The husband and wife team source most of their fruit from Santa Barbara County vineyards, plus a few select sites in the Arroyo Seco and Santa Cruz Mountains area. Together, Adam and Jennifer oversee every aspect of Comartin Cellars, from working with the growers and fermenting the grapes, to barrel aging and bottling the wines, and selling and marketing the finished product. It’s a labor of love and they are truly dedicated to producing their distinctive, small-lot wines. Now in its tenth year, Comartin Cellars is still very small (producing just 1,000 to 1,500 cases annually), but their ambition is big and their wines are fantastic.

Adam Comartin first fell in love with wine while backpacking through Europe at the age of nineteen. He learned about wines and the great growing regions of Europe, and he was especially inspired after visiting the Piedmont region of Italy. In fact, it caused a life-changing decision. When Adam returned home to California, he changed his major at UC Davis to Viticulture and Enology. “It was the best decision I ever made for myself,” Adam has said. After graduation, Adam and his wife Jennifer traveled to Australia and lived in the city of Adelaide outside the Barossa Valley. It was here that he was introduced to the Grenache grape and its exceptional wines.

When the couple returned to California in 2004, Adam began a 10-year assistant winemaking career with Silicon Valley’s Testarossa Winery, and with the Grenache grape in the back of his mind, he discovered California’s premier sites for the varietal. While at Testarossa, Adam honed his artistic side of winemaking and made valuable relationships with vineyard owners in Santa Barbara and the Central Coast.

In 2008, Adam and Jennifer launched Comartin Cellars with a focus on Grenache-based wines. The tiny winery has consistently produced elegant, balanced wines, many of which are garnering awards, ratings, and recognition in the top wine industry publications. It’s safe to say that Comartin Cellars won’t be an under-the-radar winery for much longer, and we sincerely hope you enjoy getting to know this special producer. Cheers!

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