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An artistic gem of a winery crafting lovely, well-balanced and award-winning wines from Napa Valley

A fortuitous meeting arranged by a mutual friend in the restaurant industry proved to be the start of a long-term wine business relationship in Northern California. Winemaker Adam Comartin, 38, met restaurant owner Molly Adams, 46, the CEO of Hero Adams Restaurant Group more than six years ago and the pair became close friends. The Adams Group includes the highly successful Opa! Greek cuisine-based restaurants as well as Willard Hicks Restaurants and Mo’s Restaurant (all located in Northern California) that have also proven quite successful. All Christeni Vineyards selections are available at these restaurants.

A mutual love for food and wine pairings eventually led to a business relationship between Adam Comartin and Molly Adams and the tendering of this month’s Platinum Wine Club selection from Christeni Vineyards.

“Molly has a serious devotion as to which wine should be paired with certain foods and how that pairing should affect the restaurant patron’s enjoyment of the meal,” explained Comartin, the co-owner (along with Adams) of Christeni Vineyards. “We work hard at producing certain wines we feel bring out particular taste aspects of individual dishes,” added the winemaker. “As the dining public becomes more aware of food taste sensations, these pairings tend to take on additional importance.”

For the record, Christeni Vineyards relates to an old family name on the Adams side of the partnership. The striking purple and silver label is also the handiwork of Molly Adams.

The sourcing of grapes and the winemaking is left entirely to Adam Comartin.

“We have a number of core vineyards to draw from each year,” explained the highly successful University of California Davis graduate in wine making who was formerly associated (in the role of assistant winemaker) with the well-respected Testarossa Winery in Los Gatos.

What about the sources for your wines? “We always select reliable growers from different locales and terrains in California for our core fruit. The Cabernet you are featuring is from two core vineyards, one in the Pope Valley AVA and the other in the much sought after Coombsville AVA. The fruit for this wine turned out marvelously and the resultant wine we were able to produce proved highly successful.”

Surprised at the number of high ratings and awards Christeni Vineyards has garnered? “Not really,” replied Comartin. “When you start with superior fruit for high profile wines, the fact that they score well or are heavily recognized for their quality is all part of the business. It is always nice to hear or receive a 90+ score, as it tends to set a standard for all your wines. We have been fortunate to receive a number of 90+ ratings in the past for Christeni Vineyards’ wines and I hope to continue getting them in the future.”

Christeni Vineyards is a relative newcomer to the boutique winery category. It’s first release of but 75 cases came in 2015 and was followed in subsequent years by other small productions. This year, the company will produce around 1,000 cases, or 200 cases of each of the wines in its portfolio.

“We are quite happy with where we are at this point,” Adam Comartin continued. “At this level, we can control our quality and direction. When we started out, it was our intention to meet our needs and have enough wine left over to offer to the general public. When you are making high profile wines, it isn’t always necessary to grow the brand beyond its borders. As I said before, we are happy with our present level of production and expect to remain there for the foreseeable future.”

Small boutiques such as Christeni Vineyards fill a most important role in the wine industry. They consistently provide excellent alternatives to brands that routinely sell out and are rarely available to the wine drinking public. If these smallish wineries are well conceived and their sources of fruit dependable, there is no reason they cannot last for many decades. Such is the case with Christeni Vineyards and the successful ladder it has climbed during its rather brief existence of just over a half decade.

It is a great pleasure to introduce our Platinum members to this artistic gem of a winery and its excellent 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley. We know you will enjoy this lovely, well-balanced example of Napa Valley winemaking with your next hearty dining experience or whenever you decide the bottle has fulfilled its proper aging requirements. Christeni Vineyard wines are currently available to our Platinum Wine Club members.

To your health and enjoyment!

Dear Platinum Wine Club Members,

We are delighted to share with you our 2014 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, as well as the Christeni Vineyards story!

Christeni Vineyards is a celebration of friends! In 2015, my friend Molly Adams, a Restaurateur in the Bay Area, and myself, a veteran winemaker, decided to launch a wine brand to celebrate the union of artisan cuisine and fine wine!

We have been dedicated to creating food friendly wines that pair well at the table, with food, family and friends.

Our 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon is a blend selected from both Pope Valley and Coombsville vineyards. The Pope Valley vineyard in Northeast Napa Valley is in a warmer climate and provides ripeness, while the Coombsville vineyard in Southeast Napa Valley is cooler and has volcanic soils that give the wine complexity and depth.

The Cabernet was given extended aging (4 years!) in French oak barrels (20% new barrels) to provide a delicate finish and silky tannins.

Thank you for the opportunity to share our passion and wine with you! We hope you enjoy it at the table with your favorite people!


Adam Comartin Molly Adams
Winemaker & Partner Founder & Partner