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In the 1990s, they began abandoning the use of herbicides, moving toward organic and then biodynamic farming

Located in the heart of Champagne, France, Larmandier-Bernier is a small family estate with 45 acres of organic and biodynamically farmed vineyards in prestigious Grand Cru and Premier Cru villages of the Côte des Blancs region. Both the Larmandier and Bernier families have had a long history in Champagne, dating back to the French revolution, but it was not until the marriage of Philippe Larmandier and Elisabeth Bernier in 1971 that Champagne Larmandier-Bernier was officially established. Today, the small estate is overseen by Pierre (Philippe and Elisabeth’s son) and Sophie Larmandier, who took over the winery in 1988 and it has become a true gem in the Côte des Blancs region of Champagne, France.

Côte des Blancs lies south of Epernay, the self-proclaimed capital of Champagne, and is the source for many of the world’s top cuvée Champagnes. The vineyards are mostly situated on east facing slopes and 95% of the vines are planted to Chardonnay (hence the Côte des Blancs name). The soils in the area are typically comprised of a thin layer of top soil, beneath which lies the chalk that gives these wines their unique expression of minerality and terroir. Wines from this region are generally praised for their delicacy, freshness and elegance.

Larmandier-Bernier’s estate vineyards are located in the esteemed villages of Cramant, Chouilly, Oger, and Avize (all Grand Crus), as well as Vertus (Premier Cru). In France, the classification of Champagne vineyards differ from the classification of Bordeaux or Burgundy wine estates and instead are based on the villages the vineyards are located in. Grand Crus are the highest rated villages, followed by Premier Crus, and finally, Échelle des Crus. Amazingly, less than 9% of all vineyard land in Champagne has been deemed the prestigious Grand Cru status.

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