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A 'new' French Champagne château that is truly unique and built on tradition, collaboration and serendipity

Cheers! It’s time again for our celebrated Annual Champagne Special Feature! We are pleased to offer yet another exclusively imported, incredible selection - this year from France’s esteemed Champagne Langlet, a progressive and ultra-modern new Champagne house located in the village of Gland on the right bank of France’s Marne Valley.

A region firmly rooted in establishment and century-old traditions, the majority of sparkling wines from the renowned region of Champagne, France remain under the control of big-name Champagne houses and sell at equally hefty prices. The three men behind Champagne Langlet aim to change all that, offering a range of premium quality sparkling wines full of personality and value. Vincent Métivier, Fréderic Papelard and Luc Chaudron are each wine-growers and vineyard owners in their own right, but have came together to create something truly unique, built on tradition, collaboration, and serendipity.

The logo of Champagne Langlet honors the legend of the donkey, Martin, that is said to have ‘invented’ pruning. The story goes that the monk Saint Martin was walking his donkey though the hills of Touraine and stopped for a rest. The donkey, left to his own devices, feasted on the surrounding vineyards and ate down the leafy plants to the stem. The monks were furious and worried what would become of their wine, but come harvest time, they were blessed with a beautiful surprise - plump, savory bunches of grapes that produced a wine so wonderful that the donkey’s ‘pruning’ technique was adopted by the growers. The donkey was baptized as ‘Martin’ and now graces the Champagne Langlet bottles, as a celebration of fortuitous coincidences.

We are ecstatic to offer this wonderful, award-winning Champagne to members of our 6 wine clubs and Champagne lovers alike. Enjoy!