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Truly a found treasure, this tiny family domain was founded in 1964 by Michel and Marie-Claude Jeaunaux.

Founded in 1964 by Michel and Marie-Claude Jeaunaux, and now run by the husband and wife team of Cyril and Clémence Jeaunaux-Robin, this tiny treasure of an estate is located in the village of Talus Saint-Prix in La Vallée du Petit Morin, at the very southern tip of the Côte des Blancs in Champagne, France. This region’s unique terroir is known for its flint-rich soil which imparts an unmistakable texture, minerality, and strong personality that comes through in the award-winning portfolio of Jeaunaux-Robin Champagnes.

The Jeaunaux-Robin 14 acre vineyard is located in the family’s backyard and planted mostly to Pinot Meunier (which can withstand the late Spring frost that is so common here), with smaller amounts of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. The average vine age on the property is an astounding 40 years old, which is ancient by Champagne standards and only increases the depth and richness of the wines.

When Cyril and Clémence took over the family estate in 2000, they immediately wanted to maximize the quality of the vineyard and began undergoing organic certification while also implementing biodynamic viticulture methods. Their sustainable approach has brought greater balance to their vineyards and their Champagnes have become increasingly precise and expressive. While they are very passionate about upholding the traditional methods of making Champagne, their balance with modern viticulture methods has brought them great success.

Over the years, Champagne Jeaunaux-Robin has created a cult-like following for their limited release Champagnes that are nearly impossible to find. We hope our Wine of the Month Club members enjoy access to this special sparkling selection - the perfect choice for any celebration. Cheers!

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