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Located in one of the few 'Grand Cru' classified regions, making the esteemed Alfred Tritant Champagne bottlings extremely rare and low production

Cheers! It’s time again for our celebrated Annual Champagne Special Feature! We are pleased to offer yet another exclusively imported, incredible selection - this year from France’s esteemed Champagne Alfred Tritant located in the village of Bouzy, which is one of the few highly coveted ‘Grand Cru’ classified regions of Champagne, France.

The story of Champagne Alfred Tritant begins in 1930, when Alfred Tritant, a precursor in his time, decided to start producing and selling his own wines in the village of Bouzy. He became a ‘Recoltant- Manipulant’ (a wine producer harvesting his own grapes), going through each stage of Champagne-making on his own - from vineyard cultivation, to crafting the wine, and finally, to bottling. Alfred’s daughter, Dominique Weber-Tritant, continued the family tradition and also dedicated her life to winemaking at the family estate. In 2000, the third generation, Alfred’s grandson and Dominique’s son, Jean-Luc Weber-Tritant, took his turn in the family profession and has continued to advance the Alfred Tritant brand to become the award-winning, reputable entity it is today.

The family estate is located on the southern slopes of Montagne de Reims, east of Epernay, on exceptional ‘Grand Cru’ terroir. Did you know - out of 320 Champagne crus, only 17 have the coveted ‘Grand Cru’ appellation status? Only 6 1/2 acres are of vineyards are farmed by the Tritant family, making these esteemed Alfred Tritant Champagne bottlings extremely rare and low production.

Map of the area