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Known for its award-winning Côtes du Rhône wines, Cellier des Dauphins lies in the southern Rhône Valley of France where exquisite terroir results in wines of complexity and elegance.

Founded in 1967 by the Union of Côtes du Rhône Winegrowers (UVCDR), Cellier des Dauphins is a unique winery in France’s Rhône Valley that has risen to regional preeminence with its legacy of highly esteemed wines. The UVCDR is a network of family winemakers from the southern Rhône Valley, all dedicated to producing artisan regional wines that represent the local terroir. Now with over 2,300 families as members and more than 30,000 acres under vine, this network has become a major producer in the Southern Rhône Valley, responsible for several successful family wineries and award-winning wines. Cellier des Dauphins has become one of the most successful brands of the organization and we’re happy to share one of their achievements with you.

Winemaking at Cellier des Dauphins is overseen by Laurent Pare who crafts his wines to tell the story of the place they are from. After graduating from the University of Toulouse with an Enology degree, Laurent gained nearly twenty years of international winemaking experience with time spent in Marlborough (New Zealand), Clare Valley (Australia), California, and Mendoza (Argentina), before settling at Cellier des Dauphins in France’s Rhône Valley. Laurent now works with a multitude of family vineyard estates that have been passed down over generations and span across the Southern Rhône, in order to craft the range of wines for Cellier des Dauphins. The fruit from these old-vine vineyards and remarkable villages allows Laurent to showcase distinct appellations, micro-terroirs, and specific villages with a range of rich Rhône-style blends and varietal wines. His winemaking talents have resulted in wines of great complexity and harmony.

What further sets Cellier des Dauphins apart is its commitment to biodiversity and organic agriculture. The winery has converted nearly 8,000 vineyard acres to “High Environmental Value” certification, which indicates its dedication to biodiversity, reducing treatment uses, preserving water resources, and maintaining plant cover, which results in a healthier
and more sustainable estate. Cellier des Dauphins has also converted over 3,000 acres to organic farming practices and utilizes eco-friendly options in their packaging as well.

Please enjoy a taste from the southern Rhône Valley, from a forward-thinking, premium family winery we are proud to bring to your attention. Cheers!