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Thoughtfulness, care and passion can all be tasted and appreciated in each of Sandra's wines

Planted in 2007, the tiny 6-acre Cebada Vineyard is part of Forbidden Fruit Orchards, a stunning, award-winning boutique farm and winery located in the now fabled Santa Ynez Valley on California’s Central Coast. The farm, vineyard and winery are all taken care of by horticulturist/viticulturalist/winemaker Sandra Newman, who grows and produces everything from organic blueberries, wine grapes, apples, cherries, gooseberries, mulberries, avocados, figs, olives, and hardy kiwis, to homemade jams and syrups, honey, applesauce, tea, and olive oil. Talk about variety! The lush and thriving 100-acre property is a dream come true for Sandra Newman, whose love of the land and great outdoors first began as a young child.

Sandra was first inspired by her Grandmother who taught her how to plant her first vegetable garden when she was very young. Throughout her childhood, Sandra was the vegetable grower for her family and the ornamental gardener around the house. It was a given by all that knew her that she was destined for Agriculture School and Sandra earned her BS and MS from the University of Delaware in Plant Science.

Years went by as Sandra painstakingly saved her pennies, and in 2002, she finally bought her little piece of heaven: 100 acres in Santa Ynez Valley. The property was in need of some TLC, but by the spring of 2003, she planted her first two acres of organic blueberries. Amazingly, the berries stayed evergreen through the winter and Sandra became an off-season blueberry grower. This was important because she didn’t have to compete with the large growers, and her fruit became high in demand. Over the years, she was able to slowly grow the farm by planting various other fruits and in 2007, she finally fulfilled her vineyard dreams by planting five acres of Pinot Noir and 1 acre of Chardonnay. The property’s cool climate was perfect for growing these Burgundian varietals, which require a long growing season to fully ripen and develop their concentrated fruit flavors.

For the first two vintages (2011 and 2012), Sandra consulted with local winemaker Justin Willett (of Tyler Winery and Wenzlau) who helped her learn the ins and outs of winemaking. Sandra is now an excellent winemaker in her own right, and her thoughtfulness, care and passion can be tasted and appreciated in each of her Cebada Vineyard wines. Visitors are encouraged to visit her winery tasting room in downtown Santa Barbara, and farm/vineyard tours are also available by appointment. We are proud to introduce our Garagiste Wine Club members to this superb little winery. Cheers!

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