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An impressive boutique winery now operated by the second generation of the Magoni family, producing wines that are better than ever.

Bodegas Magoni is a family owned winery located in the heart of Baja’s Guadalupe Valley, Mexico and is operated by the Magoni family’s second generation. Bodegas Magoni, which was established over 15 years ago, began producing wine exclusively from grapes grown in their own vineyards for family and close friends.

Today, all Bodegas Magoni wines continue to be produced from grapes harvested from its vineyards, in order to care and ensure its unique quality. In 2013, after more than 15 years producing high quality wines for mostly private consumption, the Magoni family decided to offer their first line of wines to the public, Casa Magoni. The Magoni vineyards include both classic and commercial varieties of grapes that have found a suitable home in which to develop their unique characteristics in Baja’s Guadalupe Valley. In addition to these varieties, there is an experimental field which cultivates more than 70 different grape varieties from around the world, and produce wines from the varieties that have best adapted to and evolved in their lands.

We are so excited to be able to share this wonderful bottling of Sauvignon Blanc with our International Wine Club members. Enjoy!

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Camillo Magoni - Winemaker

Picture of Camillo Magoni - Winemaker

Camillo Magoni was born in Morbegno, Italy, which borders with the Swiss city of Engadina. He studied and received his Enology and Viticulture degree from the prestigious Scuola Enolgica Di Alba, located in Italy’s Piedmont wine region in 1962. After working in the renowned Nino Negri de Chiuro winery located in Valtellina (a valley in the Lombardy region of northern Italy), he decided to accept an invitation from Angelo Cetto, to leave Italy and come to Baja California, Mexico to become a member of his winery’s winemaking team. He has dedicated over 40 years to cultivate the Guadalupe Valley and its neighboring valleys.