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Trinity County

A growing winery in Trinity County, California gaining loyal customers and national recognition

Carini Wine is about as low tech, Old World, and small as they come. Founded in 2000 by self-taught winemakers Andrew and Shawnee Carini, Carini Wine is a family-run, two-person operation - meaning the couple does everything from trucking the fruit, crushing the grapes and punching them down, to bottling and labeling the wine, to office work, fulfilling orders, and maintaining the winery’s website. It is a true labor of love - and they love it!

For Andrew Carini, wine is in his blood. His family has been making wine for six generations, beginning in Sicily and continuing in the United States where part of his family immigrated in the 1940’s. His great-grandfather, Giacomo Castiglone, was one of the first importers of fine wines in Milwaukee, and both his grandfather, Joseph Carini, and his father, Steve Carini, dabbled in home winemaking.

Andrew developed an appreciation for fine wines while working in the restaurant industry in California and eventually decided to pursue a winemaking career. He studied under many great California winemakers over the following years, while honing in on his own distinct ‘hands-off’ style. It is with this mentality that he founded Carini Wine with his wife Shawnee - to produce wines as the fruit comes to them, with nothing added and nothing taken away, to allow the wines to be true representations of their time and place of origin. The Carinis seek out only the finest and most nurtured vineyards in California and they are carefully chosen, taking into consideration the soil, climate, exposure, grape variety, farming practices, and history. Everything is done by hand, using Old World winemaking methods, and the wines are made in very small, limited batches.

Interestingly, neither Andrew or Shawnee have technical training in oenology or viticulture. Andrew’s training consists of working with other winemakers, continual study, endless hours of evaluating wines, and trial and error. Most of the winemaking decisions are based strictly on sensory evaluation and intuition, as opposed to laboratory analysis and recipes. The efforts of the Carinis have certainly paid off though, as the Carini Wine brand continues to grow, gaining loyal customers and national recognition. In fact,since the first vintage, Carini’s wines have been featured at some of the best restaurants in the country. We look forward to hearing continued success from this growing winery and hope you enjoy this month’s Garagiste Wine Club selection.