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Founded in 2000 by Lloyd Messer and his daughter Dana Brown, Calcareous Vineyard and its state of the art winery can be found in the western hills of Paso Robles at 1,550 feet of elevation. The extensive 342-acre estate stretches for several miles, sweeping west towards the Pacific Ocean through rolling hills of thriving grapes and award-winning vineyards.

Lloyd and Dana were both experienced wine distributors in their native state of Iowa when they realized they shared a dream of ultimately running their own winery and producing world-class wines. Before deciding on the Paso Robles destination, Lloyd and Dana thoroughly researched the attributes of many renowned wine regions in the world, but in the end, they were won over by the Central Coast’s unique combination of climate, soil, and varietal options and decided that was the place to be.

The winery’s motto, “Let the Soil Speak,” says it all” the father daughter team named the estate “Calcareous” as a tribute to the property’s terroir. “Calcareous” is a Latin word describing a white-colored soil due to lime deposits formed by sea life that once covered the land in pre-historic ages. The soil content replicates many famous wine regions in France and the mineral composition from the limestone can be recognized in the wine, giving it a very distinct character and style. This calcareous soil and Paso Robles’ varied micro-climates allow Calcareous Vineyard to produce Rhône and Bordeaux-style wines of uncommon character and uncompromising vineyard expression.

Today, Dana Brown oversees the operations at Calcareous Vineyard with the help of her sister Ericka. Their father Lloyd Messer passed away in 2006, and it has become their mission to keep his and Dana’s original vision alive.

With the help of winemaker Jason Joyce, they produce limited amounts of award-winning wines from their three estate vineyards and continue to make a lasting impression on the Central Coast.

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Jason Joyce - Winemaker

Dear Platinum Wine Club Members,

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When it comes to finding the right spot for vines, our father Lloyd was truly a local visionary. When he saw the Spartan limestone soils on Paso Robles’ “Westside” he knew this was where his heart was. After acquiring a 432-acre estate at an elevation of 1550 feet, Calcareous was born.

My sister and I are realizing his dream and creating wines that showcase these classic soils and the region in all its glory. The temperatures enable lush fruitful wines and this distinctive Syrah from the Killer Canyon and Starr Ranch properties shares the same Calcareous soils the winery is named for. It’s true to the Syrah varietal and has been awarded a Double Gold Medal and has been a favorite at blind tastings.

With the event center “Lloyd’s Lookout” completed and the 360-degree view, we now have a place to truly honor the wines.

As we say, “Come for the view and stay for the wine.”


Dana Brown & Ericka Messer