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Growing up in Worcestor, Massachusetts, Vic Bourassa learned winemaking from one of his Italian-immigrant grandfathers who purchased grapes from street markets and made wine at home for his family and friends. It made an impression on Vic, and he learned to appreciate the value of hard work, optimism, integrity and tradition. After serving in the Navy in Vietnam and taking up other careers in piloting and real estate, Vic decided to get back in touch with his roots and settle in California’s Napa Valley. It was 1996 then, and Vic started working in a couple wineries and taking winemaking classes at UC Davis. He quickly became an avid home winemaker and eventually, president of Napa Valley Home Winemakers Association. The turning point for Vic though, happened over a fateful lunch when he opened a bottle of his homemade Pinot Noir for Robert Mondavi, commonly known as the godfather of the California wine industry. Mondavi was impressed with the wine and encouraged Vic to enter the winemaking field as a professional, not just an amateur. Vic took a leap of faith, investing his savings and full-time effort to build Bourassa Vineyards, and by 2001, it became a reality. Today, Bourassa Vineyards produces a respectable 5,000 cases, and maintains an incredible commitment to quality, class, and a celebration of life!

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