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A growing worldwide reputation for their exceptional Champagne

Cheers! It’s time for our celebrated Champagne Special Feature and this year, we are pleased to offer an exclusively imported, highly-rated selection from France’s esteemed Bouché Père & Fils in Pierry, centrally located within the Vallée de la Marne district of Champagne, France.

Founded in 1920 by Abel Bouché, Bouché Père & Fils is a rising star Champagne producer with a growing worldwide reputation for their limited bottlings of authentic and exceptional Champagne. The Bouché family has been producing Champagne in Pierry for four generations, preserving and perfecting their ‘House’ style through the years. Their fruit is grown on the estate’s 80 acres of hillside vineyards, located in the best terroir of Champagne.

More than seventy-five percent of Bouché’s vineyards are classified as Grand Cru (the highest quality classification) and follow strict, traditional guidelines as put in place by the AOC. Bouché’s wide range of Champagnes have garnered many prestigious awards and praise, and consistently represent an elegant, delicate, and aromatic style.

The perfect choice for any celebration!

Map of the area