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Central Coast AVA

A remote Paso Robles vineyard and new boutique winery

Bon Niche Cellars began in 2005 when Wally and Joyce Murray began their quest to find vineyard property on the Central Coast of California. They fell in love with the quaint Paso Robles community and found their dream destination on a beautiful sloped hilltop, ten miles east of the town of San Miguel, with spectacular views of the distant hills of Westside Paso Robles.

The rich soil, hot days, and brisk nights are perfect for French varietals, which is why the Murrays chose to plant their 10-acre site to Malbec, Petit Verdot and Cabernet Franc. By sourcing additional fruit from nearby vineyards, the Murrays found they could produce a number of Bordeaux and Rhône inspired wines for their little boutique winery.

Bon Niche, French for good niche – or as Wally and Joyce like to think of it, “A Very Good Place” – aptly describes the Murrays’ current niche in life. They were thrilled to release the first Bon Niche Cellars vintage just this past year (in 2010), and the wines garnered an incredible response from the press – each wine that was entered into competition received an award!

This incredible accomplishment for newcomer Bon Niche Cellars marks a promising start. From this remote Paso Robles vineyard and new boutique winery, we are proud to introduce our Platinum Series Plus! members to Bon Niche’s most sought after first release, the 2009 “L’entrée” Malbec. Cheers!