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Ancient vineyards, a passionate spirit and traditional winemaking techniques

This winery traces its roots back many decades through the Reginato family and its vineyard holdings. Family patriarch Jose Reginato planted the original vineyards more than 50 years ago and took special care to match the vines with the individual micro climates that his land enjoyed. He still oversees the vineyard part of the Bodegas Chaman operation and assures near perfect fruit from his treasured vines.

By the way, the Argentine word 'chaman' is translated to 'shaman' in English, and stands for a most unique individual that brings guidance to the present by accessing knowledge of the past. He is something of a magical healer or a medicinal sorcerer. A modern interpretation for a chaman could also be called a soul doctor, and this name somehow applies to Jose Reginato’s incredible ability to pull from the soil the marvelous fruit that makes Bodegas Chaman’s impressive wines.

The wines from this bodegas are almost always blends, comprising a number of Bordelaise varietals. Included are the prestigious Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and the Malbec, Argentina’s most heralded grape varietal.

The Uco Valley sits at an altitude of around 3,300 feet above sea level, among the higher growing elevations in the entire world. Its height has a profound effect on the region's terroir. The area is filled with intense sunlight during the daytime and then is cooled at night by the winds coming off the Andes Mountains. This diurnal temperature variation occurs during the entire growing season and allows the fruit to achieve a grand balance of both acidity and ripeness.

The soils are also a marvelous help to the vineyards. Stony and sand-filled, the terrain forces the vines to work harder for hydration and nutrients, which leads to healthier plants that produce higher quality grapes.

An interesting facet of the Bodegas Chaman operation is the fact that each annual blend is derived by which grapes create the most magic together when finally blended. This pairing will vary from year to year and makes for most interesting comparisons when older vintages are tasted at the same time.

Luis Reginato - Winemaker

Picture of Luis Reginato - Winemaker

Luis Reginato is the son of founder Jose Reginato and is also the head winemaker for his family’s Bodegas Chaman. He was born in Altamire, La Consulta and studied agronomy at the Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, Argentina’s most heralded viticultural program. He has traveled all over the world extolling the merits of Argentine wines and consults for other Argentine entities including the well-known Luca Wines. Reginato is also a firm proponent for utilizing older vines, a relative rarity in the new planting culture that has ruled Argentina for the past two decades. While he is considered a new breed winemaker, he still adheres to many of the established winemaking techniques and procedures from Argentina’s past.

San Carlos, Uco Valley, Mendoza

Picture of San Carlos, Uco Valley, Mendoza

Known as "a land of contrasts," Argentina offers one of the most diverse groups of wine growing regions in the world. From the high summits of the Andes, to its broad valleys and sloping plains, from the lush forests and absolutely arid deserts, to the woods, glaciers, and waterfalls - Argentina offers any landscape you may imagine, and thus, a multitude of wine growing possibilities. This wealth of natural ecosystems, paired with the unusually high average altitude, and wide range of temperatures, give Argentine wines their unique identity and quality. Argentina also benefits from its overall dry climate and its natural, exceptionally high water quality due to meltwater from the nearby Andes Mountains. The main wine growing regions are Mendoza in the central Cuyo province, and Cafayate in the northern larger wine growing region of Salta.