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"I intend to make the finest wines possible with what Mother Nature has provided me."

What’s love got to do with it?

Just about everything, according to Kenny Kahn, the ebullient owner of Alexander Valley’s star winery named Blue Rock Vineyard.

“I truly love what I am doing,” Kahn explained recently. “Since I consider myself first as a consumer, the winery offers me a chance to make things better. The only person I have to fight with is me, and I offer myself no compromise. I intend to make the finest wines possible with what Mother Nature has provided me. Fortunately, she has been very gracious as to the quality of earth and surroundings at Blue Rock.”

For the record, Blue Rock Estate Vineyard is a property with an admirable past. It is comprised of approximately 100 acres, of which 46 are under vine. A fully restored historic stone-built house and extensive gardens date back to the 1880’s and provide a unique insight into a classical Tuscan-style villa and grounds.

Kenny Kahn’s long-term affection for wines began in the 1970’s in his hometown of Memphis. Kahn was then a recent graduate of Rhodes College who followed his father into one of the nation’s first discount brokerage businesses. A close friend, Milton Picard, had amassed a huge Bordeaux cellar and began offering Kahn an opportunity to taste some of the world’s rarest and greatest wines.

“I was hooked from the beginning,” confessed Kahn. “My wife and I started taking cooking classes and the wines were the highlight of all our activities. Milton was looking for someone to educate about really fine wines and I happened to be the lucky person he chose.”

After selling his family’s first business, Kenny and his wife Cheryl (now a medical doctor) decided to move west and the rest of the Blue Rock Estate story is history.

The Kahns looked around both Napa and Sonoma and finally settled on the site in Alexander Valley. The property was located adjacent to vineyards owned by iconic Silver Oak Vineyards and seemed perfect for growing Cabernet Sauvignon, Kenny Kahn’s favorite varietal.

“I had literally started in the wine business drinking great Bordeaux,” Kahn continued, “but there were eleven different varietals under vine when we bought the property. I knew we needed to replant if we were ever going to make truly great Cabernet.”

The winery’s name, Blue Rock Vineyard, comes from the property’s soils, which are studded with blue pebbles, rocks, and boulders of serpentine. The serpentine rock defines the unique flavor profile of the vineyard, as serpentine naturally reduces the yields to very low levels. Today, the very best vineyards are planted on devigoring rootstocks in order to improve the flavor and density, something that occurs naturally at Blue Rock.

The entire vineyard was replanted in a number of Cabernet clones and a small planting of Syrah was also added to suit Kahn’s taste. A decision was made to limit tonnage in favor of quality, and the vineyard became an instant success. For the next seventeen years, most of the fruit was sold to a neighboring winery that always used the grapes for a vineyard-designated wine.

Jump ahead to 1999, and Kenny Kahn brought a homemade wine to a local gathering. The resulting fanfare caused Kahn to consider making a Blue Rock Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon for consumers to enjoy.

In 2001, he hired Nick Goldsmith (Simi Winery) as a consulting winemaker and released the first 550 cases of wine in 2001 to nearly instant critical acclaim. Since that time, the winery has grown slowly and will produce around 12,000 cases this year, a level that Kenny Kahn feels suits his company well.

“We presently have seven different Cabernet clones in our vineyards. We feel that to get better at what we do, we must build our competition from within our vineyard to be a true estate vineyard. We are fortunate that Blue Rock Estate is an area where Cabernet really shines and that was our main purpose in the beginning. We are intent on producing world-class wines.”

It is seldom that one finds a man truly ensconced in his own element as Kenny Kahn most certainly is.

Today, Kenny Kahn’s focus is on continuously improving his vineyard with meticulous vineyard techniques, and striving to achieve balance among his vines. He has built a reputation for producing ultra-premium, award-winning Bordeaux-inspired wines in a region not well known for this style, and we can only expect that more world-class wines will follow.

Blue Rock Vineyard certainly deserves its many plaudits, as does its hard-working owners, Cheryl and Kenny Kahn. We are excited to share this remarkable winery with our Platinum Wine Club Members!

Dear Platinum Wine Club Members,

Picture of Dear Platinum Wine Club Members,

As we continue with a painful drought, the unusually wet October of 2021 rain events let us refill our irrigation pond to near capacity! Another blessing is that we have some remarkable wines in the cellar. We are pleased to release to you the 2018 Estate Cabernet Sauvignon and we excited for you to try it and give us your feedback. I think it is the best Estate Cabernet in our 23 years as winemakers, and it is receiving great consumer and professional reviews!

I have been at the helm of Blue Rock since 1987 and have a need for ongoing inspiration to keep myself fresh and motivated. I am asked frequently when I will retire; after all, I am 70+ years old and have everything materially that I could wish for. However, I wake up most days at 6:00am full of excitement to get to work at Blue Rock. What a life! I get to hang out with Carla, Rogelio, Shelly and Jared, Jeff, Oreo and Finnigan and explore ways that we can make better wine, a more enjoyable visitor experience, and a more sustainable future for our employees, family, and the planet.

I have always enjoyed farming and winemaking, yet, it wasn’t until we opened the restored tasting room in 2017 that I experienced hospitality. We have met so many great customers and made new friends and ambassadors. We are private and open strictly by referral. As a Platinum Wine Club member, our door is always open to you and we will welcome you with warmth and hospitality. Fly into Santa Rosa airport and skip the traffic, stay in the Vintner’s Cottage on the Estate, or let us introduce you to our hotel partners, have lunch at our table, and get to know our refined hospitality and the beauty of Sonoma and Blue Rock.

I hope that everyone stays healthy, happy and has a prosperous and joyous 2022.

Kenny Kahn

Dear Platinum Wine Club Members,

Picture of Dear <i>Platinum Wine Club</i> Members,

I am excited to have you try our 2010 Best Barrels Cabernet Sauvignon. Best Barrels is just what it sounds like. The first Best Barrels dates back to the 2003 vintage when, tasting through each of our barrels before bottling, I discovered one that was exceptional. It was the one “WOW” barrel and we decided to bottle it (one barrel is 24 cases of wine) for our mailing list customers, just for fun.

In 2003, the Best Barrels was Malbec that I planted in 1987. Everyone LOVED it and wished that they could get more. I made the commitment that our flagship cuvée, Best Barrels, would only be made if and when there was something truly unique and special. Therefore, it is not made every year. Furthermore, it could be any varietal or blend that we produce as long as it measured up to the standard that I mandated. I am not restricted by brand, fashion, or finances as there is not much of it and it quickly sells out. My only restriction is self-imposed; that is, it must be the best that we can do and without compromises.

The 2010 vintage was one of the finest at Blue Rock of my 15 year winemaking career. The critics gave the vintage a mixed review, saying that it was a cold year and that quality was uneven. From my perspective, it was a vintage that was right in my wheelhouse. In fact, it was so good that I made 3 Best Barrels wines; a Malbec, a Merlot, and the enclosed Cabernet Sauvignon.

There were only 272 cases produced and I made a handful available due to my friendship with the Gold Medal Wine Club. If you would like to learn more about our Estate vineyard, winemaking, and hospitality, please join our mailing list at

Please enjoy and let me hear from you!


Kenneth (Kenny) Kahn