Bevela Wines

Santa Barbara County region

Incredibly passionate about their budding garagiste winery brand

A tiny garagiste producer set in Santa Barbara County of California’s Central Coast, Bevela Wines is the union of husband and wife team Kris and Marisa Beverly. The name of their winery is actually an amalgam of their last names - Beverly (Kris) and Matela (Marisa). Within the brand, the duo uses fanciful names that represent specific varietals or styles of wines. Since the beginning, their focus has been on two varietals - Teroldego and Syrah - sourced from two premium vineyards in their neighboring wine growing region (Le Bon Climat Vineyard in Santa Maria Valley and Tierra Alta Vineyard in Ballard Canyon.

And what made them want to start their own winery? Marisa actually knew at the age of 15 that she wanted to be a winemaker. With Jim Clendenen of Au Bon Climat winery as her uncle, Marisa was introduced to the world of wine at a young age and imagined following in his footsteps. Marisa has worked at Au Bon Climat, Qupé and Verdad wineries since 2008 and was promoted to assistant winemaker in July 2015. Her husband Kris formally came into the wine world in 2009, having spent much of his youth pursuing his education and employment in other fields, while also crafting small vintages of wine at home with his father. He has worked harvests for several Santa Barbara wineries, been a production consultant for several more, and provided legal assistance for the wine industry on a variety of topics. Together, they have a full grasp of what it takes to create a successful winery.

2010 marked the inaugural vintage for Kris and Marisa’s Bevela Wines label - just 24 cases of Teroldego (a red Italian varietal primarily grown in northeastern Italy). They named this wine ‘Matela’ after Marisa’s maiden name. In 2013, the couple added Syrah to the brand and named this wine ‘Old Fashioned Superstition.’ Today, Bevela Wines still exclusively produces these two varietals, and overall crafts under 500 cases each year.

Looking towards the future, they hope to expand Bevela Wines by working with additional varieties on the Central Coast. This couple is incredibly passionate about their budding garagiste winery brand and we enjoy nothing more than supporting promising, small entities like theirs. We hope you enjoy a taste of Bevela Wines!

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