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Bee Hunter

Mendocino AVA


Incredibly well-received wines passing along the Bee Hunter spirit and sharing the good flavors of Mendocino wine country

Founded by husband and wife team André (Andy) DuVigneaud and Alisa Nemo in 2013, Bee Hunter is one of the newest ultra boutique winery entities in Mendocino County. Their mission is to produce world-class wines from special hidden vineyards in the neighborhood and deliver an experience that tastes like a masterpiece of flavor. By choosing particular grapes from these carefully sought out sites, Alisa and Andy are able to craft something unique and traditional at the same time.

Andy DuVigneaud was born and raised in Signal Ridge in Philo, California, in a charmingly peaceful, natural environment nestled amongst the redwoods. It’s clear his connection to the earth started early. Alisa Nemo, on the other hand, was born in Sarasota, Florida, and following her parents’ spirit of adventure (they traveled from Russia to America during the Cold War), she chose to drive across the country to the Anderson Valley in 2012 to work a harvest season at Handley Cellars. Little did she know that this decision would change her life forever. Andy and Alisa met at a dinner party and instantly bonded over their shared love of wine and food.

Andy had been involved with Navarro Vineyards for the past ten years and had been blessed with a naturally gifted palate. He also had long-standing connections with stellar wine grape farmers and, with Alisa’s help, eventually decided to purchase a few tons of premium grapes from each of them - it was just the start of his path as a boutique winemaker. When the time came for bottling and labeling their first wines, Andy and Alisa chose a name they had found in a Boontling dictionary - Bee Hunter, which is a term for someone who enjoys the sweet honey of life but is able to avoid the stings that life can present. Boontling, by the way, is Boonville, California’s own language dialect that today is nearly extinct (fewer than 100 people still speak it). Boonville is also the largest town in Anderson Valley, which is where much of the fruit comes from for Andy and Alisa’s winery entity - so the name ‘Bee Hunter’ is also an homage to the place they call home and the special terroir they have access too.

Andy and Alisa hope to pass along the Bee Hunter spirit, sharing the good flavors of Mendocino wine country while also keeping environmental awareness, supporting local economies, being responsibly playful, and practicing experimental education. Their wines have been incredibly well received thus far, and we see nothing but a bright future ahead for them. We are excited to present our Platinum Plus! Wine Club members this award-winning bottling!

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