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Incredible passion and drive to craft fine wines that continue to surpass the expected

Founded by Jim Borsack and Duffy Keys in 2003, B Cellars is the collaboration of two individuals who shared a vision of creating a food-centric winery focused on blending top-notch varietals from Napa Valley’s most legendary vineyards. The two men met at a Fourth of July party in 2002 and bonded over their wine endeavors and career paths in the industry. They decided they were doing something independently that they could do better together and got serious about structuring a new first-rate Napa Valley wine company that was based on two principles: first, to source premium fruit from the top hallmark vineyards of Napa Valley, and second, to produce distinct, artisan wines by blending multiple varietals together from these top vineyard sites.

Shortly after putting their vision together, Jim and Duffy met the third key player of B Cellars, winemaker Kirk Venge, who was named “One of the Top 20 New Winemakers in the World” by Food & Wine magazine in 2005. Kirk brought with him a 37-year winemaking legacy via his father, Nils Venge, and a keen understanding of the Napa Valley appellation. With his passion for great wine, first-hand knowledge, and commitment to excellence, it quickly became apparent that Kirk Venge was the ideal winemaker for B Cellars.

The B Cellars name and logo represent the scientific symbol for BRIX, a wine term that defines the optimal sugar/ripeness level in grapes that indicates the best time for initiating harvest. In Napa Valley, the ideal BRIX range is typically 24 to 26 degrees to achieve balanced, complex wines, hence the names of B Cellars’ three proprietary blends.

Today, B Cellars has evolved into an incredible passion and drive to craft fine wines that continue to surpass the expected. Each vintage, these wines are garnered with 90+ ratings from the top periodicals, and the unique blends are highly admired by chefs and restaurants throughout the region for their distinct character, depth, and food-friendly layers of flavor. Jim, Duffy, and Kirk have certainly achieved their unique vision with B Cellars winery and continue to walk the line between time-honored winemaking practices and contemporary blending, while always showcasing the synergy of Napa Valley’s world-class terroir. Cheers!

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