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Producing grapes to this day and are among the most treasured in all of Italy

Shortly after World War II, the Finocchi Family purchased the il Poggiale Vineyards and Winery that had been part of the famous and huge Barco Reale Vineyard. The Barco Reale dated back to the 1600’s and was part of the vast royal Medici Vineyards. Many of the same vines planted then are still producing grapes to this day and are among the most treasured in all of Italy.

Il Poggiale was initially divided into three distinct sections, one planted in Morello, the second in Trebbiano and the final in Cabernet Sauvignon and Malvasia del Chianti, both used for blending.

The dexterous Trebbiano grape produces a marvelous white wine that rivals any in the Carmignano District and indeed the entire country. The wine has been a dominant factor in international competitions and is highly respected throughout the entire wine world. In a country not particularly known for its whites, the il Poggiale Trebbiano is considered among the elite of Italian whites.

Il Poggiale is known as such due to the fact that it is situated on a series of small poggi, or knolls that cascade through the hills of Carmignano and is the local way of saying ‘the house on the side of the hill.’

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Italy's Wine Regions

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Italy is home to more than twenty designated wine regions, each producing an incredible range of wine styles and indigenous cuisines that are largely due to the country’s extensive geographic characteristics. The wide-ranging topography, from coastal to mountainous, the differing soil conditions, and the moderate Mediterranean climate provide an ideal basis for premium grape growing and contribute to the production of over 350 grape varietals. The wines derive not only from native vines, which represent an enormous array, but also from a complete range of international varieties. Italy’s glowing reputation with wine is due not only to the fact that it produces and exports more than any other country, but that it offers the greatest variety of wine types, ranging through nearly every color, flavor and style imaginable.