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Incredibly well made biodynamic, organic, and health-driven wine

Aum Cellars (pronounced “om” - yes, the same sacred, spiritual sound/ mantra in yoga practices and an icon of Indian religions) is an organic and biodynamic vineyard and winery located in the heart of Napa Valley, California.

The winery was founded in 2006 by winemaker and yoga enthusiast Peter Hoffman, who is dedicated to the art and science behind producing the best tasting and healthiest wines possible (read: no sulfates, synthetic herbicides, or fertilizers are ever used and all of Aum’s wines are vegan or vegan-style - which means no animal products are used for fining or filtering before bottling). Peter exclusively uses native yeasts in fermentation and takes a very minimalist and gentle approach to winemaking, allowing the true varietal and vineyard characteristics to show through.

Peter Hoffman grew up in Rancho Cucamonga in Southern California in a historic wine producing area near the Carrari Vineyard. He remembers playing in the vineyards as a child and even made wine with his father. Knowing that he wanted to do something with agriculture, Peter attended Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo and majored in ecology and systematic biology. He also earned a minor in viticulture. Peter started farming wine grapes straight out of college in the early 1990’s and became a vineyard manager in Santa Barbara before moving north to Napa Valley. Here, Peter gained valuable viticulture and winemaking experience from Beckstoffer Vineyard and Stag’s Leap Cellars, and after refining his palate, released his first commercial vintage of Aum Cellars in 2003.

With Aum Cellars, Peter Hoffman combines his two passions in life: winemaking and yoga. His dedication to yoga began in his twenties following a back injury, and it unexpectedly lead him to find a new level of spirituality and consciousness. His discovery of balance and harmony through yoga seemed to go hand in hand with what he wanted to achieve with his wines. ‘Aum’ became the perfect name for his wine venture. Not only are Aum wines biodynamic, organic, and health-driven, they are incredibly well made, balanced, and delicious.


Winemaker: Peter Hoffman