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Committed to doing their very best, Steve and Steffanie continue to add quality grapes to their portfolio of wines

While their professional backgrounds are highly diversified, Steve and Steffanie Anglim share one important aspect of their tiny winery operation --- a resolute passion for perfection that is linked with a remarkable enthusiasm for the wine business itself. Both principals in the two-person winery are Midwesterners, Steve from Michigan and Steffanie from Wisconsin. Both arrived in California by different routes and ultimately (in 1991) met while in the employ of the giant Nissan Motor Company. The couple married in 1998 and continued their respective business careers in Southern California.

Steve’s infatuation with wines was a long-term affair, having begun as early as 1971. As time passed, he began to take interest in French wines, and in Burgundies in particular. When his young daughter gave him a home winemaker’s kit for Father’s Day, Steffanie asked if they could get some real grapes and try and produce a represent able wine for their efforts.

Fast-forward several years and numerous crushes in the Anglim family garage and a decision was made to actually get into the wine business at a commercial level. Even though Steve considered himself a self-taught winemaker, a number of UC-Davis courses, a three week immersion course and a number of ad-hoc UC Davis courses were now part of his resume. After much searching, the Anglims decided a location in the Central Coast’s appealing city of Paso Robles was the perfect setting for their new venture. Steve and Steffanie based that decision on a number of factors: Paso Robles was growth friendly and also the emerging edge of the Rhône varietal explosion in California. It was also a wonderful source of quality Rhône fruit, a necessary aspect for the non-growing new entity.

Anglim (the name is Irish) Winery’s first commercial crush occurred in 2002, a total of 800 cases of Syrah. Anglim’s early efforts were all Rhône-oriented but have recently expanded to include Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon and other varietals. Production now stands at around 3,500 and will eventually expand to the 5,000 case level.

“At that point,” explained Steffanie Anglim, “we either stop or go on to be much, much larger. Since Steve and I do all the work, we are inclined to be smaller rather than larger. Being small, we are able to control every quality aspect of our winery, which includes our limited release program that only produces a hundred or so cases of certain wines.” Steffanie Anglim holds a Masters from the famed Wharton School of Business and handles the sales and marketing duties of the winery in addition to running the tasting room on a daily basis. The facility was opened in 2005 and is located in the heart of Paso Robles. It is an important outlet for the fledgling winery as far as exposure to consumers.

“I am still learning about customer preferences,” she admitted. “Their feedback is important to our overall growth. I enjoy meeting with them and hearing about the way our wines compare to other wineries.” It would be an understatement to say that Anglim Winery’s wines have appealed to the national periodicals and judges in major competitions. Numerous awards and reviews later, Anglim Winery is secure in the ranks of ultra premiere boutique wineries. Part of the glory can be attributed to the superior sources of fruit for their wines, the remarkable Bien Nacido Vineyards of the Santa Maria Valley and also the much sought after Fiddlestix Vineyard of the Santa Rita Hills AVA to name a couple. But it remains to Steve Anglim to produce superior wines from these great grapes.

“I have always had tremendous confidence in my husband’s winemaking skills,” Steffanie Anglim added, “he is truly passionate about what he does. He is also very thankful that we have been able to secure some long term contracts for our fruit from quality vineyards and also that there have been people out there who have shown a willingness to taste and review our wines.” She also said that the couple will not rest on their laurels and will continue to attempt to add quality grape sources as well as improve the overall mix of the Anglim Winery portfolio.

“We are very determined people,” she finalized. “In the beginning, Steve had his cell phone number on the corks so people could reach him with comments. That speaks of his willingness to listen and improve our quality. We are both committed to doing our very best.”

Dear Platinum Wine Club Members,

Picture of Dear <i>Platinum Wine Club</i> Members,

When my wife Steffanie and I launched this adventure in 2002, our goal was to produce single-vineyard bottlings of Rhône varieties from grapes sourced from some of the finest vineyards on the Central Coast. The 2002 vintage was just that – 100% varietal Syrahs, single-vineyard – terrific!

In 2003, we added new vineyard partners, expanding to include additional Syrah sources in Paso Robles along with Viognier, Roussanne, and Grenache. As a winemaker, I began to spend a lot of time just meandering through the barrels, tasting and evaluating. I started making chalk notes on the barrels with each tasting – my early evaluation of their quality and contribution to the final wines. Those that really impressed me got a WOW mark – yes, it is a technical term. It was in the course of these late-night wanderings that the Blend was born.

We produce Best Barrel Blends when enough barrels have the necessary WOW chalk scribbles to justify the designation, and when they prove to me that they can work and play well together. The 2003 Reserve Syrah Best Barrel Blend incorporates Syrah from two distinctive vineyards in Paso Robles: the Fralich Vineyard in Templeton, known for its earthy tobacco notes, and the French Camp Vineyard, where the heat produces Syrah of intense fruit and pepper. Marry the two, and you have this silky, full-bodied gem full of rich cherry, blackberry, and fig, with a touch of meatiness and smoke to balance the fruit. Add a pinch of Roussanne, and the aromas practically float out of the glass. Overall, this Best Barrel Blend shows both elegance and personality now, and will do so well into the future.

Find some good company and enjoy the wine,

Steve Anglim
Anglim Winery