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Incredible, sought-after wine from one of Napa's top cult-status producers

Founded in 2005 as a branch of Merus Wines, one of Napa Valley’s most celebrated and sought-after cult producers of Cabernet Sauvignon, Altvs, which means “noble and profound,” is a luxury-class Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay. The wine is produced in extremely small quantities, sourcing fruit from a handful of serious growers with hillside and benchland vineyards to achieve finished wines of extraordinary intensity, concentration, and lushness.

Merus and Altvs were founded by Erika J. Gottl and Mark Herold – Merus in 1998, and Altvs in 2005 – as true “garage wines” in the two-car garage behind their home in the town of Napa. As the wines gained popularity and increased international acclaim, the production space became too limited and it was decided to find Merus and Altvs a more appropriate home. In 2007, William Foley brought the two labels into his Foley Family Wines group and set out to find a Napa Valley winery site worthy of the brands. A few months later, he acquired a historic ranch tucked into a canyon on the east side of the valley. One of Napa’s fabled “ghost wineries,” it had been abandoned in the wake of Prohibition and only recently brought back to life. Now, the beautifully updated winery includes custom-made winemaking equipment and 7,000 square feet of caves for barrel storage. A new tasting salon was also renovated to allow visitors to visit and taste the award-winning Merus and Altvs wines.

The Altvs wines are produced by winemaker David Lattin, whose resume now includes more than thirty years of experience in the wine industry. Originally from Corvallis, Oregon, David has gained winemaking expertise at such prominent estates as Acacia, Robert Pecota, Storybook Mountain, and Kuleto. He also spent time traveling in Europe where he developed a profound appreciation for German and French wines. From the vineyards of St. Emilion to the cellar at Troplong-Mondot, David worked and studied the art and craft of fine winemaking, and took his new knowledge and skills back with him to the United States. He became the winemaker for Merus and Altvs in 2013 and has proven to be an exceptional addition to the team.

We hope you enjoy this Diamond Wine Club Plus! selection, an incredible, sought-after wine from one of Napa’s top cult-status producers. Cheers!

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