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Adventure Package: Spain


As cultures passed through or settled in Spain, they introduced a variety of ingredients and left their mark on the history of Spanish food.

The Iberian nation of Spain boasts a distinctly vibrant culture that’s overflowing with bravado and tradition. From the distinctive foods and indigenous wines, to the entertainment and celebration of history, Spain stands out from its neighboring countries with its charm, customs, and flavor for life.

One thing is for certain when examining the culture of Spain: Spaniards love their food and the customs surrounding it. Throughout history, Spain has seen many influences - both geographical and cultural - that have played important roles in developing the Spanish cuisine we know and love today.

Located on the Iberian peninsula and almost entirely surrounded by water, it is no wonder that seafood is one of the pillars of Spanish food. The rest of the country is a diverse terrain made up of mountain ranges, lush pastures, farm grounds, and coastlines, which provide a variety of fresh products.

As cultures passed through or settled in Spain, they introduced a variety of ingredients and left their mark on the history of Spanish food. The Phoenicians left their sauces, the Greeks introduced olive oil, and the Moors brought fruits and light seasonings into the diet, as well as combinations of fruits and nuts with meats and fish. The Moors also introduced the use of rice - now a genuine staple in Spain - and the flavors of saffron, cinnamon and nutmeg. The Romans, Carthaginians and Jews all integrated elements of their own cooking as well.

Today, some of Spain’s most common dishes include the Tortilla de Patata (potato omelet), Seafood Paella, Chorizo Sausage, Gazpacho Soup, and Tapas (small plates). Vegetables include tomatoes, chilies, potatoes and beans, and no spice is as celebrated as the great paprika. We are happy to share ‘A Taste of Spain’ with a special collection of imported gourmet food items. Please enjoy! Salud!

The International Gourmet Adventure Package from Argentina includes the following items:

• Balsamic Vinegar Dressing with Tomato - De Lo Nuestro Artesano
• Sweet Paprika Powder/Pimentón Dulce - La Pastora
• Smoked Paprika Pearls - La Pastora
• Drop Peppers - La Pastora
• White Tuna in Olive Oil - Arroyabe
• Lemon-Tree Honey - Le Mas des Abeilles
• Flors Surtido Frutas (Fruity Flowers) - Chocolate Amatller

Enjoy these authentic Spanish products with the three featured wines from Menzia for the full experience of Spain! Read more about the Products and Artisans below.

De Lo Nuestro Artesano

Picture of De Lo Nuestro Artesano

Established in 1986, De Lo Nuestro Artesano is a familyowned gourmet food company located in the heart of El Bierzo that specializes in crafting exquisite traditional preserves, canned fruits and vegetables, and infused-oils and vinegars. The facility prides itself on craftsmanship, modern technology, and premium quality ingredients.

Featured Product:
• Balsamic Vinegar Dressing with Tomato

Located in El Bierzo, Spain

La Pastora

Picture of La Pastora

Located in Murcia, La Pastora is a renowned Spanish company committed to producing 100% pure paprika and other gourmet paprika-based products. The business is run by the four Sanchez Garcia sisters who share a vision of respecting tradition and nutrition while conceptualizing innovative products to take paprika to the next level.

Featured Products:
• Sweet Paprika Powder/Pimentón Dulce
• Smoked Paprika Pearls
• Drop Peppers

Located in Murcia, Spain


Picture of Arroyabe

For over 100 years, Arroyabe has been dedicated to the traditional preparation of canned fish, providing maximum flavor and exquisite taste. Located in Bermeo, which has the largest fishing fleet in the Bay of Biscay, Arroyabe has modern high-tech facilities that allow for flavor preservation, freshness, and quality. The company specializes in products from the Cantabrian Sea, located off the coast of northern Spain (White Tuna, Cantabrian Anchovies, Yellowfin Tuna).

Featured Product:
• White Tuna in Olive Oil

Located in Bermeo, Spain

Le Mas des Abeilles

Picture of Le Mas des Abeilles

Located in the Regional Natural Park of Luberon in the heart of Provence, France, Le Mas des Abeilles produces specialty honeys from Provence - and Spain! - in a range of unique and diverse flavors. Tasty, natural, and healthy, these honeys are made in the traditional way with no additives, offering a naturally “raw” product.

Featured Product:
• Lemon-Tree Honey

Located in the Regional Natural Park of Luberon in the heart of Provence, France

Chocolate Amatller

Picture of Chocolate Amatller

Founded in Barcelona by Gabriel Amatller in 1797, Chocolate Amatller is the oldest artisan chocolate company in Spain,
offering a variety of textures, flavors, and exquisite gourmet chocolate presentations. The flavors are delicate and well
balanced at Chocolate Amatller, while the packaging consists of Art Nouveau reproductions of beautifully illustrated
wrappers and boxes.

Featured Product:
• Flors Surtido Frutas (Fruity Flowers)

Located in Barcelona, Spain