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Adventure Package: South Africa

South Africa

Discover the unique tastes of South Africa

South Africa has an interesting background in terms of cuisine. Before the region was colonized, the indigenous population existed on a diet primarily of fruits, nuts, wild plants, Biltong (similar to jerky), and other wild grown, natural produce. However, after colonization, crops like maize and domesticated livestock such as cattle, became the new, normal diet.

Today the food culture of South Africa still stems from its indigenous roots, which can be seen in a majority of every-day recipes. However, throughout South Africa’s history, foreigners brought their own cuisine influences, expanding the country’s food culture. A style of food unique to the country coined, “Cape Dutch” goes back to when the Dutch East India Company was active in the area, The trade brought numerous spices such as nutmeg, and chili peppers, resulting in a wide variety of cooking styles. French immigrants added their own influence over the years, as did Indians with curries, chutneys, and more.

A typical day of eating in South Africa begins with a breakfast accompanied by a cup of coffee or tea. Next up may include Putupap, a common morning food that is similar to grits served with milk and sugar. Breakfasts usually include some mealie bread (corn bread) or scones as well, often accompanied by cheeses, meats and eggs. Lunch and dinner generally consists of hearty foods such as seafood medleys, pickled fish, stews, Chakalaka (spicy relish), Boerewors roll (similar to a hot dog), accompanied by an array of veggies and tropical fruits. Of course there are many more dishes worthy of mention that are enjoyed in South Africa, but try your hand at these 3 featured recipes from the winery’s own FABER restaurant! Use items from your Adventure Package and make sure to pair them with your wines!

Gesondheid! (To your health!)

The International Gourmet Adventure Package from South Africa includes the following items:

• Cheeky Red Pepper Chutney
• "Flavors of Africa" Soft Toffee Trio
• Cape Gooseberry Jam
• Mango & Chili Balsamic Reduction
• "This is Africa" Medium Roast Coffee
• Sunkissed Green Chili

Enjoy these authentic South African products with the featured wines from Avondale Wine for the full experience of South Africa! Read more about the Products and Artisans below.

International wines sold separately.

Featured Wines

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Picture of Kishmish

Kishmish is an exciting foodie brand founded by Amal and Sharon Ma’ani in 2010. They have created a fantastic range of delicious products made with no additives, colorants, or artificial preservatives. The Ma’ani family is the inspiration behind this creative company, melding Amal’s rich Middle Eastern food heritage and Sharon’s love for English fusion cuisine.

Featured Product:
• Cheeky Red Pepper Chutney

Located in Pietermarizburg, South Africa

Sweet Temptations Toffee

Picture of Sweet Temptations Toffee

This unique, award-winning, family business specializes in fine, gourmet, homemade toffees. Their rich and creamy collection of soft toffees are made with only the freshest, high quality ingredients and are created in small batches to ensure the freshest product reaches your doorstep. Each toffee is then hand-wrapped in beautiful tissue paper.

Featured Product:
• "Flavors of Africa" Soft Toffee Trio

Located in Somerset West, South Africa


Picture of Melissa's

Mark and Melissa van Hoogstraten opened their first Melissa’s store in 1996 and have since been totally committed to creating products and experiences for people who appreciate and value quality, honest, time-honored production principles. These principles are reflected in all of their products which can now be found in numerous Melissa’s stores across South Africa.

Featured Products:
• Cape Gooseberry Jam
• Mango & Chili Balsamic Reduction

Located in Cape Town, South Africa

Terbodore Coffee Roasters

Picture of Terbodore Coffee Roasters

Opening its doors in 2004, Terbodore Coffee has taken great care in producing only the finest green coffee beans. Inspiring the logo, their Great Dane has become symbolic of everything they strive for - heritage, courage, patience and dependability. In their words, “ is long enough for a slowly percolated cup, even in dog years.”

Featured Product:
• "This is Africa" Medium Roast Coffee

Located in KwaZulu-Natal Midlands, South Africa

Hekpoort Heksie

Picture of Hekpoort Heksie

Katy Van Wijk, founder of Hekpoort Heksie reveals her secret to success is pure passion and love for what she does. She loves creating and exploring new tastes that evolve into magical products she can share with the world. The soul of her creations comes from picking only the freshest produce and creating her range from scratch, ensuring full flavors that leave you wanting more.

Featured Product:
• Sunkissed Green Chilli

Located in Hekpoort, South Africa