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Not only does Portugal's wine regions have extraordinary wines, this small European country also has a lot to offer with truly unique and mouthwatering dishes! Notable culinary traditions vary between regions but a typical menu includes an array of grilled seafoods, meats, hearty casseroles and stews. These are cooked with a wide variety of spices and will most likely be served with three staple side dishes: rice, salad and potatoes.

Due to the country’s location on the Atlantic Ocean, a majority of Portuguese recipes are fish-based. As a result, the country is ranked #1 in fish consumption per capita in Europe. The national, and most famous, dish is called bacalhau, or salted cod, and it’s said the meal can be cooked 365 different ways! An assortment of seafoods such as lobster, oysters, shrimp, and clams are popular on the coast, while chicken, beef and other meats are more prevalent inland.

Breakfast in Portugal consists of fresh bread with butter, ham and cheese or pastries; usually enjoyed with coffee, tea or hot chocolate. Lunch is around noon and dinner is served around 8 o’clock; both meals often lasting over an hour. This gives you plenty of time to enjoy the typical three course meal which includes an appetizer, main dish and dessert. Favored desserts are arroz doc (rice pudding), cheeses, and pastel de nada - a small custard tart.

Try your hand at the Portuguese recipes to the right! Most Portuguese meals begin with some type of antipasto or charcuterie board. Use some of your fig jam and/or dried figs to make it stand out, especially paired with the Rosé. Next, try this Portuguese Seafood Pasta using the spiced sardines and other seafood or meats, paired with the Red Blend. Lastly, a Bolo de Bolacha recipe for those with a sweet tooth! This cake is a traditional biscuit cake with rich coffee and buttercream flavors...perfect for the Touriga Nacional.

Bom Apetite!

Featured Portuguese Wineries:

Quinta do Pinto
Herdade de São Miguel
Quinta do Vallado

The International Gourmet Adventure Package from Portugal includes the following items:

• Whole Green Olives - Maçarico
• Pimenta de Queijo/Cheese Pepper - Quintal dos Açores
• Fried Fava Beans - A Taste of Portugal
• White Wine Vinegar - A Taste of Portugal
• Chicken Seasoning Marinade & Sauce - A Taste of Portugal
• Bolacha Maria Cookies - Moaçor

See more about the artisans and each product below.

International wine sold separately.


Picture of Moaçor

Located on São Miguel of the Azores Islands, Moaçor produces authentic Maria cookies - sweet, round biscuits that are commonly used for dunking in hot tea. Moaçor produces its cookies with quality and tradition in mind, using the best available technologies, without additives or artificial preservatives.

Featured Product: Bolacha Maria Cookies

Located in São Miguel, Portugal.


Picture of Maçarico

Maçarico was established in 1930 by Domingos Ribeiro Maçarico, who began selling ready-to-eat olives and specialized in offering the Portuguese variety of tree ripened “Galega” olives. Over the years, the business thrived and Maçarico began exporting his prized olives around the world. He also introduced pickles, mustards, and Piri-Piri Sauces to his portfolio. While Maçarico is the name of the business and the last name of the founder, it is also the name of a water bird that lives in the many lagoons scattered around the coastal region of Praia de Mira, Portugal, where the company began. A graphic of the Maçarico bird was thus incorporated into the company’s logo.

Featured Product: Whole Green Olives

Located in Praia de Mira, Portugal.

Quintal dos Açores

Picture of Quintal dos Açores

This company is located on the Azores Islands and is nestled in the midst of São Miguel’s dramatic landscape. Being the largest island in the island chain, São Miguel is an ideal place to grow, harvest and produce their delicious and exotic flavors of jam. All of their products are made with fresh, natural fruit and without any preservatives.

Featured Product: Pimenta do Queijo/Cheese Pepper

Located in São Miguel Island, Portugal.

A Taste of Portugal

Picture of A Taste of Portugal

This trademarked company is a combination of a variety of high-end producers in Portugal who have come together under one brand name to share their unique products and food specialties with the rest of the world. The company has a wide selection of gourmet products from dried fruits, jams, and cheeses, to olive oils, vinegars and mustards to name a few.

Featured Product: Fried Fava Beans + White Wine Vinegar + Chicken Seasoning Marinade & Sauce

Located in Various Regions of Portugal.