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Not only does Portugal's wine regions have extraordinary wines, this small European country also has a lot to offer with truly unique and mouthwatering dishes! Notable culinary traditions vary between regions but a typical menu includes an array of grilled seafoods, meats, hearty casseroles and stews. These are cooked with a wide variety of spices and will most likely be served with three staple side dishes: rice, salad and potatoes.

Due to the country’s location on the Atlantic Ocean, a majority of Portuguese recipes are fish-based. As a result, the country is ranked #1 in fish consumption per capita in Europe. The national, and most famous, dish is called bacalhau, or salted cod, and it’s said the meal can be cooked 365 different ways! An assortment of seafoods such as lobster, oysters, shrimp, and clams are popular on the coast, while chicken, beef and other meats are more prevalent inland.

Breakfast in Portugal consists of fresh bread with butter, ham and cheese or pastries; usually enjoyed with coffee, tea or hot chocolate. Lunch is around noon and dinner is served around 8 o’clock; both meals often lasting over an hour. This gives you plenty of time to enjoy the typical three course meal which includes an appetizer, main dish and dessert. Favored desserts are arroz doc (rice pudding), cheeses, and pastel de nada (a small custard tart).

Chafana de Borrego is a variation of a signature dish that is slowly cooked in a clay pot with flavors of mint, garlic and chilli. Spread Goat Cheese and Tomato Jam on fresh bread as an appetizer, and indulge in Porco Alentejana as your main dish featuring tender pork, garlic clams and creamy potatoes. These are three recipes we recommend pairing with your Portuguese wines and artisan selections.

Bom Apetite!

Featured Portuguese Wineries:

Herdade Paço do Conde
Herdade das Barras

The International Gourmet Adventure Package from Portugal includes the following items:

• Eucalyptus Honey with "Passa" Pear - Meia.dúzia
• Homemade Kiwi Jam - Casa de Juste
• Mushrooms in Olive Oil - Casa de Juste
• Dark Chocolate with Raisins & Brandy - Boa Boca
• Spicy Roasted Peanuts - Boa Boca
• Tomato Jam - O Melhor do Ribatejo
• Flavored Salts - O Melhor do Ribatejo

  • Salt, Citrus, Lavender & Oregano
  • Salt, Chili Spice and Herbs

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International wine sold separately.

Featured Wines

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Inspired by paint tubes, Portuguese siblings, Andreia and Jorge Ferreira Silva developed this unique culinary concept in 2012. The tube design allows the contents to stay fresh, preserves the color and flavor and is easy to transport. Their jams, honeys and chocolate spreads are handmade with mixtures of Portuguese fruits, wines, organic herbs and spices. A little drop goes a long way!

Featured Product: Eucalyptus Honey with "Passa" Pear

Located in Braga, Portugal.

Visit Meia.dúzia

Casa de Juste

Located in the small village of Lousada in the heart of the Sousa Valley in Northern Portugal, the Casa de Juste Estate dates back more than 500 years. Surrounded by luscious gardens and vineyards, owners, Ana and Fernando Guedes, believe “the value of things is due to the experiences they give us”. They hope you experience their long tradition of producing handmade, gourmet foods from the fresh ingredients grown on their Estate.

Featured Products: Kiwi Jam & Mushrooms in Olive Oil

Located in Lousada, Portugal.

Boa Boca

Inês Varejão, an agricultural engineer with a masters’ degree in wine, paired with António João Policarpo, an award-winning graphic designer, founded Boa Boca in 2004. Their concept of “Food + Design” blends Portuguese artisan flavors with refined culinary combinations in stylish and contemporary packaging. Although their recipes are kept secret, they wish to share the culture and flavors of Portugal throughout the world. A truly tasteful presentation.

Featured Products: Dark Chocolate with Raisins and Brandy & Spicy Roasted Peanuts

Located in Évora, Portugal.

O Melhor do Ribatejo

“The Best of Ribatejo” is a Co-op that supports and markets local artisans who produce the best hand-crafted products in the region. They design the packaging and promote local distribution, keeping in mind their unique culture and distinctive traditions. These are not only artisanal products, but they are also genuine and made with complete dedication and love. All products are proudly made in the Ribatejo region by local residents.

Featured Products: Tomato Jam & Flavored Salts

Located in Ribatejo, Portugal.