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Adventure Package: New Zealand

New Zealand

Enjoy authentic tastes from New Zealand

Kiwis are all about delicious food. Kiwi is a nickname for the people of New Zealand and derives from their national symbol - the native Kiwi Bird. It would be difficult for anyone to choose a favorite cuisine here due to the outstanding seafood options, succulent meats, divine cheeses, local produce and, of course, fantastic wines.

New Zealand is made up of two islands, North Island and South Island which provide more than 8,700 miles of coastline! Therefore seafood has been a staple for New Zealand’s indigenous Maori people who inhabited the two islands well before Western influences arrived. They called themselves tangata whenua meaning “people of the land” due to their deep-rooted connection to the land and sea. Today, you can find heaps of crayfish, whitebait, salmon, mussels, paua (abalone), scallops, oysters and more at local markets throughout the country. Fish and Chips is also a bona-fide favorite here.

The island nation is also known for their high-quality lamb that has made its mark as an esteemed dish around the world, especially when flavored with fresh rosemary and served with local, seasonal vegetables. For a more cultural experience, make sure to try the Maori hangi, a native method of cooking meats and vegetables using a hangi, or underground oven. Kiwis are also big fans of desserts including pavlova (meringue with whipped cream and fruit), cheeses, chocolate fish (chocolate-coated marshmallows shaped as fish), chocolate pineapple candy called Pineapple Lumps and hokey poke ice cream (ice cream with honeycomb toffee pieces) to name a few. Yum!

Gather your friends and family, uncork your New Zealand wines from Mission Estate Winery and try pairing them with these three recipes provided by the featured Artisans for the ultimate Kiwi experience. Cheers!

The International Gourmet Adventure Package from New Zealand includes the following items:

• Kamahi Honey - J. Friend and Co.
• Onion Balsamic Marmalata - Wild Country
• Dried Kiwi Bites - Kiwi Bites
• Steak Sauce - Artisan Vinegar
• Lager Vinegar - Artisan Vinegar
• 3 Hot Sauce Tasters (plus a coupon!) - Wild West Worcester
• Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter - Fix & Fogg

Enjoy these authentic New Zealand products with the featured wines for the ultimate experience! Read more about the Products and Artisans below.

International wines sold separately.

Featured Wines

Map of the area

J. Friend and Co.

Picture of J. Friend and Co.

Beekeepers, Jeremy Friend and Sharyn Woodnorth began a new venture together after tasting exquisite honey from roadside stands during a long drive. The result is outstanding, artisan honey that is 100% pure, organic, single-vintage honey and expresses unique, complex regional flavors. A true salute to honey bees!

Featured Product:
• Kamahi Honey

Located in Christchurch, New Zealand

Wild Country

Picture of Wild Country

Established in 1995, Angelique van Camp and her husband Stephen Wilkinson, started out with a small passion project of infused oils and vinegars. Five years later their enthusiasm for great flavor combinations morphed into a full-time family business and has grown to include over 60 high-quality, small-batch products!

Featured Product:
• Onion Balsamic Marmalata

Located in Hamilton, New Zealand

Kiwi Bites

Picture of Kiwi Bites

With no luck in finding a healthy snack for her daughter, Sandy Mecredy took things into her own hands. Years earlier, the Mecredy family moved to Kerikeri in Northern New Zealand where they established their own kiwifruit orchard. After some creative trial and error, Sandy created these beautiful and 100% natural Kiwi Bites.

Featured Product:
• Dried Kiwi Bites

Located in Northland, New Zealand

Artisan Vinegar

Picture of Artisan Vinegar

The philosophy behind this boutique producer is to strive for perfection while inventing truly outstanding culinary creations. Each product is hand-crafted using traditional methods and is made with all natural ingredients. By concentrating on New Zealand flavors enables them to capture the country’s beautiful spirit.

Featured Products:
• Steak Sauce
• Lager Vinegar

Located in Wellington, New Zealand

Wild West Worcester

Picture of Wild West Worcester

In the Wild West of Dargaville, NZ, is where these award-winning sauces and relish recipes are found and brewed. For over 30 years, this multi-generation family business has created a range that is “more than a condiment - it’s a revelation in a bottle.” Each batch is handmade and uniquely aged for over 10 months! Discount Voucher included!

Featured Products:
• Spicy Sweet Blacksauce tester
• Hot Chili Hot Sauce tester
• Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce tester

Located in Northland, New Zealand

Fix & Fogg

Picture of Fix & Fogg

About 4 years ago Andrea and Roman left the frenetic lawyer lifestyle for a more tangible and delicious one of making peanut butter. They started selling their PB range at their local bowling club and farmers markets. Propelled by the great feedback and multiple awards, the couple opened a small shop where you can tap on their window and get a refill of your favorite flavor.

Featured Product:
• Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter

Located in Central Wellington, New Zealand