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Adventure Package: Mexico


Fantastically authentic Mexican products - pair them with your 3 Mexican wines for the full experience!

Through the ages, the culture and cuisine of Mexico has undergone a tremendous transformation. From the early indigenous civilizations of the Mayans and Aztecs, to the 300-year long period of Spanish rule, the food of Mexico has evolved into a very diverse range of foods that combines traditional and native ingredients with modern influences from the Europeans. It is a food culture of its own, and one that is loved and enjoyed by countless other countries around the world.

Although Modern Mexican cuisine is a blend of indigenous and Spanish influences, most Mexicans continue to eat more native foods, such as corn, beans, and peppers. Corn is still the basis of the Mexican diet and is found in almost every meal, usually in the form of the tortilla. It can also be boiled to produce pozole, a corn stew. Popular fruits and vegetables include tomatoes, tomatillos (green tomatoes), squash, sweet potatoes, avocados, tropical fruits, and nopales (prickly pear cactus). The native chilies include the widely known jalapeño, as well as the poblano, serrano, and chipotle. Chilies give Mexican dishes a distinctive flavor, which is often enhanced with herbs such as cilantro, thyme, and spices.

As Mexico’s most northwestern and one of its youngest states, Baja California has a newer food culture that has only emerged in the past few decades. The coastal setting and Mediterranean-like climate here has certainly influenced the modern cooking of Baja, meaning wine, olive oil, seafood, and fresh vegetables are in abundance. Baja California has become known for its high-end, Mexico-meets-Mediterranean cuisine and we can’t get enough of it.

Try your hand at these three featured recipes for an authentic taste of Baja California, from the comfort of your own home!


The International Gourmet Adventure Package from Mexico includes the following items:

• Oregano Indio - Rancho Gordo
• Banana Vinegar - Stivalet/Rancho Gordo
• Sweet Xoconostle - Xoxoc/Rancho Gordo
• Dark Chocolate with Pink Peppercorn - Ki'Xocolatl
• Black Bean Chipotle Sauce - Laterra Artisan Harvest

Enjoy these authentic Mexican products with the featured wines from three fantastic wineries, VIRESA, Viñas de la ERRE, and Vinos Melchum for the full experience of Mexico! Read more about the Products and Artisans below.

International wines sold separately.

Rancho Gordo

Picture of Rancho Gordo

Established by Steve Sando in 2001, Rancho Gordo is a Napa Valley, California-based producer and seller of specialty heirloom beans. Although beans have long been only seen as a side ingredient, Steve Sando saw this as an opportunity and helped renew an interest and passion for specialty beans, embracing their individual flavor, texture, and appearance. Steve began by selling his beans at farmer’s markets, but when they were discovered by Thomas Keller (the head chef of Napa Valley’s renowned restaurant, The French Laundry), the beans were quickly added to his menu and interest and demand have since skyrocketed. In 2008, Saveur Magazine listed Rancho Gordo at number two on their esteemed Saveur 100 list.

A division of the company, The Rancho Gordo- Xoxoc Project, helps small farmers grow their indigenous products in Mexico and export them into the United States. From beans, chilies, grains, herbs, chocolate and corn, these lines of products are ultra-boutique and support farmers who wish to preserve their local traditions.

Featured Products:
• Oregano Indio
• Banana Vinegar
• Sweet Xoconostle


Picture of Ki'Xocolatl

Ki’Xocolatl is Mexico’s premier chocolatier, making artisanal tree-to-bean-to-bar chocolates that garner accolades from all over the world. Founded by Belgian-born owner, Mathieu Brees, who settled in Yucatan nearly twenty years ago, Ki’Xocolatl is the result of European techniques combined with Mayan traditions. The result is one of the best chocolate companies in the world. Harvested from their own Criollo cacao trees, Ki’Xocolatl’s cacao is crafted into a range of exquisite chocolate treats that will tempt all of your senses.

Featured Product:
• Dark Chocolate with Pink Peppercorn

Laterra Artisan Harvest

Picture of Laterra Artisan Harvest

A savory and spicy Mexican black bean blend made with chipotle chilies, this Negra Chipotle Sauce is delicious used in cooking and grilling, as a dip with tortilla chips, or as a spread with tortillas and crackers. Enjoy one of the most popular, authentic flavor combinations of Mexico with this artisan sauce.

Featured Product:
• Black Bean Chipotle Sauce