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Adventure Package: Italy


Use your exclusively-imported Italian foods from Tuscan Farm for a special and truly authentic Italian experience

Resting in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, it is no surprise that Italy’s food culture has largely been developed and influenced by centuries of trade with nearby regions. But with political turbulence, the discovery of the New World, and every other twist and turn along the way, Italy has kept many of its original dishes tracing back to the ancient Greeks, Etruscans and, of course, the Romans.

Today, Italian cuisine is mostly associated with its array of freshly made pasta, exquisite olive oil and tasty pizza. But like any other country, each region has their specialty! In this unique Adventure Package ensemble, you’ll get to experience a variety of traditional foods and ingredients from the Tuscany region - along with the featured International Wine Club wines!

Tuscany has a long history of using fresh ingredients, very minimal seasonings and simple cooking methods to bring out the best in the natural flavors of their foods. Olive oil plays one of the largest parts in Tuscana cuisine as it is usually added to both cooked and uncooked dishes, as well as used while cooking! And since truffles are another prized ingredient, you’ll get to dine like a local with your new truffle-infused olive oil. Pappardelle pasta is particularly popular in Tuscany and is usually served with a tomato-based meat sauce.

This Adventure Package is designed to not only deliver delicious local products of Tuscany, but also to use together in order to create a special night focused on an authentic and traditional Italian experience. Pop open your Tuscan wines, pair them with the recipes on the right, and prepare yourself for the delectable and unmistakable flavors of Italy.


The International Gourmet Adventure Package from Italy includes the following items:

• Pappardellone Pasta - Pappardelle Pasta
• Sugo di Pomodoro all'Aglione - Aglione Tomato Sauce
• Pesto Tradizionale al Basilico - Traditional Basil Pesto Sauce
• Cantuccini alla Mandorla - Cantuccini Biscotti with Almonds
• Confettura Extra More di Rovo - Wild Blackberry Jam
• Cond. Aromatizzato al Tartufo Bianco - Aromatic White Truffle Olive Oil

Enjoy these authentic Italian products with the featured wines from Caccia al Piano 1868 for the full experience of Italy! Read more about the Products and Artisan below.

International wines sold separately.

Featured Wines

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Tuscan Farm

Picture of Tuscan Farm

A hidden gem in the famed region of Tuscany, Italy the Leoncini family has taken their family’s 400-years of experience in agriculture and farming to create exclusive products that cannot be found anywhere else. Tuscan Farm employs multiple generations of the Leoncini family, including Dino (‘Master of Memory’ and the grandfather of the house), Stefano (Administrative Manager), Vanna (Graphic Designer), Dario (Sales Manager), Lapo (Agricultural Production), Fausto (the youngest in the family and still learning the ropes), and even their 2 dogs, Ruy and Lio, who have the important job of guarding the farm.

Thanks to their extensive background knowledge of farming, acquired over such a long period of time, Tuscan Farm is proud to offer a range of products that are real gourmet works of art. Not only do they already have an impressive collection of unique foods and wines, but they’re also dedicated to crafting about 20 new products each year - a tremendous effort for such a small company! All of their creations are made from local, Italian ingredients that reflect their company’s philosophy of preserving tradition and respect for the past with distinct flavors of the region.

“We only sell what we like ourselves,” confessed Dario Leoncini, “that’s why ours is the best job in the world.” Since production takes a very long time, the quantities available for each item is very limited. Patience is also key, especially since Tuscan Farm packages everything by hand using beautiful and natural materials. Dario continues by saying, “All [of] this however, makes our products exclusive, unrepeatable, and hard to compare with those available commercially, both in terms of quality and in terms of beauty.”

Tuscan Farm is truly the epitome of a family business prospering from a shared passion of making one-of-a-kind pastas, jams, sauces, olive oils, and so much more. It is for this reason that we decided to highlight their products, “bringing with them all the charm of Tuscany.”