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Adventure Package: Germany


Savor the Gourmet Adventure from Germany

Germany’s cuisine has been refined over the centuries with influences from nearby countries such as Austria, Switzerland and Italy to name a few. Many people think of classic dishes such as Bratwurst (sausage) or Sauerkraut (fermented cabbage) when picturing German food, but not only has their cuisine risen through the ranks, but Germany now claims 2nd place for the most Michelin Guide awarded restaurants after France!

Traditionally, a German Frühstück (breakfast) may include bread or rolls with marmalade, honey and other spreads in addition to cheeses, cold cuts, cereals, and eggs. These are enjoyed with coffee, tea, milk, and/or juice. Mittagessen (lunch) was the main meal of the day followed by Abendbrot (literally, ‘evening bread’), a smaller meal at dinner time. However, many people nowadays prefer a smaller Mittagessen and larger family Abenbrot. Dinners typically consist of more breads, meats, cheeses, with a variety of vegetables and potatoes. There are also smaller snacks throughout the day such as Pausenbrot (recess bread), Brotzeit (bread time), and Kaffee und Kuchen (coffee and cake) which is similar to England’s 5-O’clock tea. Do you see a common theme emerging?

Brot (bread) is a truly important staple at a German table and luckily, there are roughly 600 types of breads and around 1,200 types of pastries/rolls to choose from! Other worthy mentions are Zwiebelrostbroten (steak with fried onions), Maultaschen (ravioli), Spargel (asparagus - especially white asparagus), Rote Grütze (red fruit pudding) and Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte (Black Forest cake). There are many more outstanding dishes to choose from, but take a stab at these recipes from our featured winery and have fun pairing them with your German wines!

Guten Appetit!

The International Gourmet Adventure Package from Germany includes the following items:

• Malabar-Pfeffer Meersalz Popcorn - Knalle Popkonditorei
• Pretzel Making Kit - Brotliebling
• Ginger Kicks Gold - Tikkiis
• Wild & Spicy BBQ Chicken Spice - Tikkiis
• Scharfe Paprika Hanfkrem - Hanfwerk
• Gegrillte Aubergine Hanfpesto - Hanfwerk
• Sour Fruits & Mulled Wine Candies - Die Bonbonmanufactur

Enjoy these authentic German products with the featured wines from Weingärtner Stromberg-Zabergäu for the full experience of Germany! Read more about the Products and Artisans below.

International wines sold separately.

Map of the area

Knalle Popkonditorei

Picture of Knalle Popkonditorei

It all started with Lucie Krautien and André Göbel who have top careers in gastronomy. Owning their own café led to their latest passion and the wonderful world of popcorn. Christopher Peters, KEO (Knalle Executive Officer) and Creative Director, Johannes Laue have also helped propel this artisan company. While the recipes are secret, their creations have now become fan-favorites throughout Germany!

Featured Product:
• Malabar-Pfeffer Meersalz Popcorn

Located in Berlin, Germany

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Picture of Brotliebling

Founded in 2012, brothers Johannes and Martin Arning have shared their passion for freshly baked, fragrant and delicious bread with countless others. Quality is the top priority and each of their bread boxes contain ingredients directly sourced from organic farmers. Equally important is that each box is packaged in workshops for people with disabilities. Lots of love and hard work goes into each one!

Featured Product:
• Pretzel Making Kit

Located in Berlin, Germany

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Picture of Tikkiis

Tikkiis was established by Rita Pant and Sandra Schmidbauer, both of whom have a love for spices and scrumptious foods. Their creations and tag line, “Always Wild - Sometimes Hot” is inspired by Rita’s Asian ancestry and cuisine. Their spiced snacks and chutneys are traditional family recipes which have been carefully transformed into innovative, 100% natural, handmade delights for you to enjoy.

Featured Products:
• Ginger Kicks Gold
• Wild & Spicy BBQ Chicken Spice

Located in Berlin, Germany

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Picture of Hanfwerk

Hanfwerk (Hemp Factory in English) uses raw and usable hemp seeds as a main ingredient to create an outstanding line of vegan sauces and pestos. Hemp seeds are one of the most nutritious seeds in the world and CEO/Manager, Sven Brülke is dedicated to crafting healthy, natural foods with them. His products are free from preservatives, artificial colors and flavors, modified starches and GMO’s.

Featured Products:
• Scharfe Paprika Hanfkrem
• Gegrillte Aubergine Hanfpesto

Located in Berlin, Germany

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Die Bonbonmanufactur

Picture of Die Bonbonmanufactur

In the heart of the Bavarian capital lies the area’s very first and only candy factory which opened its doors in 2016. These sweets are hand made in the old, traditional craftsmanship style of “Bonbonmacherei”(candy making), and are oftentimes observed by an attentive audience through their workshop’s glass windows. Stop by for a taste-test and find your favorite hard candies, lollies and sugar bars!

Featured Product:
• Sour Fruits & Mulled Wine Candies

Located in Munich, Germany