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Adventure Package: France


A glimpse into the wonderful world of French artisans

In France, food is sacred. This is a country that has long been known for its rich and delicious gourmet food that is savored and celebrated while bringing people together. From decadent sauces and indulgent flavors of butter, herbs, cheese and wine, not to mention the breads, pastries and desserts that accompany them, French cuisine has a deserved reputation as one of the best in the world.

Like other countries, each region has its own unique flavors. Champagne (the region) is without a doubt known for its Champagne (the wine), Normandy is famous for excellent seafood, Burgundy and Bordeaux are known for producing outstanding wine, Toulouse is known for high quality poultry, Provence for its herbs, lavender and olive oil, and the list goes on. The takeaway is no matter where you are in France, chances are you will find wonderful local food - especially in Paris where you can find just about any region’s specialty.

For those who live in France, the food journey really begins at the market. Most cities and large towns feature a market at lease twice a week, if not everyday. Some of these markets date back for centuries, such as the Marché des Enfants Rouges in Paris which dates to 1628. A good French market has virtually everything one needs to prepare a meal, including butchers, fish mongers, cheese vendors, produce farmers, and producers of local specialties such as hone or olives.

For Breakfast, the French often start with a baguette or croissant smothered with jam, accompanied by coffee, tea or orange juice. Lunch is typically a leisurely sit-down affair of a three course meal lasting between one and two hours, and dinner is again at least three courses with abundant time to sip on wine and enjoy the company of friends and family. In France, meals are highly valued moments to take a break, socialize with others, and, of course, to enjoy good food. Bon Appétit!

The International Gourmet Adventure Package from France includes the following items:

• Herbs de Provence in Burlap Bag
• Strawberry Clementine Jam
• Escargots de Bourgogne
• Dark Chocolate
• Fondue Chocolat

Enjoy these authentic French products with the featured wines from these two French wineries (Château de Chambrun & Château Moncets) for the full experience of France! Read more about the Products and Artisans below.

International wines sold separately.

Bourgogne Escargots

Picture of Bourgogne Escargots

Located in Dijon, France, arguably the country’s most renowned culinary region, Bourgogne Escargots has been providing the highest quality fresh and prepared escargots to consumers for over 40 years. Their pursuit of perfection is evident at every step of the process, from the selection of the finest quality escargots, to extensive training and the endless quest for innovative ways to serve their products.

Featured Products:
• Escargots de Bourgogne

Located in Dijon, France

Bovetti Chocolatier

Picture of Bovetti Chocolatier

Valter Bovetti is an artisan chocolatier who enjoys exploring new regions and flavors to craft premium chocolate delights that are enjoyed around the world. At his workshop in Terrasson Lavilledieu, Valter combines cocoa and local products, constantly discovering new inspiring combinations. Valter comes from a family of restaurateurs and immersed himself in the culinary arts at a very young age. He finally realized his dream in 1994 by opening his beloved chocolate factory.

Featured Products:
• Dark Chocolate Bar
• Fondue Chocolat

Located in Terrasson Lavilledieu, France

L'Amie Provençal

Picture of L'Amie Provençal

Located in the charming picturesque town of Eguilles, near Aix-en-Provençal, L’Ami Provençal offers an assortment of top quality products that range from hard old-fashioned candies to French honey, sea salt, natural bath products, soaps, lavender and herbs. All of the products are made with precision and care with the highest quality products available.

Featured Products:
• Herbs de Provence in Burlap Bag

Located in Eguilles, France

Charles Antona

Picture of Charles Antona

Located on close to 25 acres of family-owned land on the island of Corsica, located southeast of the French mainland, Charles Antona is a leading company in the region, specializing in jams and traditional terrines. Charles grows the fruit for his preserves, along with select local farmers and artisans. He follows his grandmother’s original recipes, combining his fruit with Mediterranean herbs to create delicious, one-of-a-kind products that are flavorful and expressive of the land.

Featured Products:
• Strawberry Clementine Jam

Located in Corsica, France