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Fantastic, gourmet foods imported directly and exclusively from artisans in Chile

Chilean cuisine is very much rooted in their indigenous traditions - Andean cultures in the North, natives and migrants in the center and aboriginal Mapuche people in the South. Many of those native foods, spices and cooking methods are still used throughout Chile today. Of course, cultural influences contribute to their present day cuisine, but other countries such as France, Italy, Germany and Spain, have made their mark on the foods of Chile throughout its history. One of the most prevalent food categories available across the country is seafood, which is not surprising due to their expansive Pacific coastline! However, Chile also has the Andes mountains that provide varying climates and regions that support livestock and a wide range of agriculture, including (and most importantly) wine!

There are a number of notable Chilean dishes unique to the country. In the North you can find an abundance of seafood as well as llama and alpaca meat that is used in dishes such as Asado - a form of BBQing. One of our featured recipes uses this slow-cooking method that has been adapted to a standard BBQ rather than a traditional coal-burning fire. You will find more seafood, in addition to Humitas (similar to tamales) and other agricultural crops in the Central areas of the country. One notable dish is the Empanada, which usually has meats enclosed in a pastry dough and is deep fried. The South is famous for Merkén spice and again, seafood. You’ll find a number of traditional Cazuela recipes too, which is a traditional stew that typically includes a variety of meats and seafoods, together with rice, vegetables and potatoes.

All of the recipes presented here can be found throughout Chile in various forms, using local ingredients and regional flare! Create your own dishes using your Adventure Package products and naturally, enjoy them with the featured Chilean wines.


The International Gourmet Adventure Package from Chile includes the following items:

• Mapuche Pepper + Merkén Spice
• Artichoke Spread
• Ají Verde Pickled Banana Peppers
• Amaretto + Cognac Chocolates
• Ají Tradicional + Ají Verde Hot Sauce

Enjoy these authentic Chilean products with the featured wines from Longaví Wines for the full experience of Chile! Read more about the Products and Artisans below.

International wines sold separately.

Featured Wines

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Origen Chilean Gourmet

Picture of Origen Chilean Gourmet

With a mission to offer the most unique, natural and best quality gourmet products from Chile, this small company uses ancient ethnic traditions to create their exquisite products that are packed with fantastic flavors. In 2009, two separate companies joined forces and have since been expanding their high quality range of products from vinegars and spices to spreads and patés. Enjoy their creative products made with local, native Chilean ingredients!

Featured Product:
• Mapuche Pepper + Merkén Spice
• Artichoke Spread

Located in Santiago, Chile

Visit Origen Chilean Gourmet

By Maria Pickles

Picture of By Maria Pickles

Created by Maria, these outstanding pickles are hand-made with raw, native ingredients. Maria has expanded her product line to include not only her original, secret pickle recipe, but also banana peppers and even a new ketchup! The pickled veggies are made without any shortcuts, allowing natural qualities to shine through. Their overall goal is to, “provide unique flavor in an honest and natural way, without coloring or artificial additives”.

Featured Product:
• Ají Verde Pickled Banana Peppers

Located in Peñalolén, Chile

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Picture of Beñolate

For more than 30 years Bernardo’s father made chocolates for friends and family from the comfort of their home in Southern Chile. However, just a short 2 years ago, they decided to begin their father-son chocolate business and share their secret with the world. The name is derived from the duo sharing the same nickname: Beño, and combining it with chocolate. Every chocolate treat is still passionately made by hand. It is an honor to be their very first export!

Featured Product:
• Amaretto + Cognac Chocolates

Located in Valdivia, Chile

Visit Beñolate

Ají Espinero - NAU Sabores

Picture of Ají Espinero - NAU Sabores

A business venture by NAU Sabores, Ají Espinero focuses on selecting the best local Caña de Cabra chili peppers for intense, distinctive flavors to include in their range of hot sauces. They use a family recipe that, by design, is slightly modified each time it is passed down to a new generation. The culmination of these alterations and contributions to the recipe over the years has morphed it into what it is today - a balanced, soft product with delicious taste.

Featured Product:
• Ají Tradicional + Ají Verde Hot Sauces

Located in Santiago, Chile

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