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Adventure Package: Chile


Fantastic, gourmet foods imported directly and exclusively from artisans in Chile

A taste of Chile Chilean cuisine is known for its variety of flavors and ingredients, blending the earthy simplicity of indigenous traditions with Spanish flavors and modern influences. This country’s distinctive cuisine is also deeply influenced by its unique geography; the rugged Andes Mountains in the east and a lower mountain range along the Pacific coastline in the west create a fertile valley in the center where an abundance of fruits and vegetables thrive. Chile is also a very long country (the longest in the world, actually!), stretching some 2,653 miles from north to south through a surprising number of ecosystems. This further allows for a truly varied palate of ingredients!

When the Spanish came to Chile in 1541, they brought with them grapes, olives, walnuts, chestnuts, rice, wheat, citrus fruits, sugar, garlic and spices, along with chicken, beef, sheep, pigs, rabbits, milk, cheese and sausages. Long before the Spaniards, the native Amerindians used corn in many of their dishes, and the combination of the Spanish and Amerindians’ foods formed many of the popular corn-based dishes that are still part of the typical Chilean diet today (including Pastel de Choclo, a corn and meat pie). In the late 1800’s, many European immigrants came to Chile, bringing rich pastries, spices, and herbs that have all played in part in Chile’s evolution of traditional and modern cuisine through the years.

Today’s popular Chilean dishes are rich in flavor, history and variety, including stews, empanadas, corn, beans, potatoes, and exotic tropical fruits. Chile is probably best known for its seafood with a wide range of fish caught along its vast coastline, but the beef and lamb are also of excellent quality and worth noting. For dessert, locally made Italian-style ice cream (helado) and treats made with dulce de leche are among the favorites. From north to south, Chilean cuisine is as varied and unexpected as the country’s geography. We hope you enjoy a taste of this marvelous country!


The International Gourmet Adventure Package from Chile includes the following items:

• Pepinos Dulces (Sweet Pickles)
• Dehydrated Spice Mixture
• Quinoa Seasoning
• Mérken 4-pack: Olive Oil, Hot Sauce, Spice, Salt
• Dulce de Leche
• Peach Marmalade

Enjoy these authentic Chilean products with the featured wines from Chile for the full experience! Read more about the Products and Artisans below.

International wines sold separately.

Mickelsen Gourmet

Picture of Mickelsen Gourmet

In business since the 1800’s, Mickelsen Gourmet offers a wide range of delicacies including sweetened fruit preserves, sweetened fruit jams, preserved fruits, appetizers, desserts, cooking sauces and preserved meats. The company was founded by a German and Danish family and it is their mission to hand-harvest fruits and cook them in small batches to ensure the highest quality.

Featured Product:
• Dulce de Leche
• Durazno Marmalade (Peach Marmalade)

Located in Buin, Chile

By Maria Pickles

Picture of By Maria Pickles

Founded by brothers Manuel and Lucas in 2012, By Maria was started with the simple idea of making the best Chilean pickles and sauces with authentic flavors and sustainable methods. The extensive range of products are made with only the finest local ingredients and promise to offer surprising and pleasing flavor sensations. By Maria’s most popular product offerings include the sweet pickles, ketchup, and pickled chili with pineapple.

Featured Product:
• Pepinos Dulces (Sweet Pickles)

Located in Santiago, Chile

NAU Sabores

Picture of NAU Sabores

Nau Sabores offers a range of exciting condiments and healthy dressings for the Chilean market. From balsamic vinegars and olive oils to chilies, spices, and grains with authentic seasonings, all Nau products are made with 100% natural raw materials. Special attention is given to finding new flavor combinations and crafting new and unique Chilean products to enhance any meal or dish.

Featured Product:
• Dehydrated Condiment Spice
• Quinoa Seasoning Mix
• Mérken 4-pack: spice, salt, olive oil, hot sauce

Located in Santiago, Chile