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Australian cuisine has evolved over the years from a hunter-gatherer diet, commonly known as bush tucker or bushfoods, of the Indigenous Australians, to modern times with foods that have been influenced by multicultural immigration from around the world.

Prior to the arrival of the Europeans in 1788, early Australians relied on their native flora, vibrantly colored fruits, mushrooms and nuts, in addition to native fauna, including emu, kangaroo, and wallaby. Other staple foods adjunct to these options were lizards, snakes, witchetty grubs (large wood-eating larvae, said to taste like chicken), and more. Although these are still available today, most locals opt for a more modern-day cuisine that has adapted and expanded to become a true reflection of their diverse population. By combining bush tucker with ingredients from England, East Asia, the Mediterranean and various other regions of the world, Australia has created delicious and inventive dishes.

Although a stereotype, it's based in truth: no one can do a BBQ quite like they can Down Under. The BBQ culture began in the 1920’s and has evolved into a rooted tradition for gathering friends and family while enjoying good food, beer and wine! Snags (slang for sausages), beef, lamb, emu and prawns (do not try to call them shrimp in Australia) are some favorites to throw on the Barbie’ and are accompanied by salads, potato bake, and fried onions to name a few. Other foods include meat pies, biscuits, lamingtons (a sponge cake coated in chocolate and rolled in coconut flakes), Pavlova, a wide range of seafood, hamburgers, laksa (spicy noodle soup from Indonesia), and many more.

The three featured recipes were selected to pair deliciously with the featured Australian wines! Try adding some of the items from your Adventure Package for the ultimate Australian experience. Cheers!

The International Gourmet Adventure Package from Australia includes the following items:

• Australian Breakfast Tea - The Pink Tea Box
• McLaren Vale Vineyard Honey for Cheese - Beerenberg Family Farm
• Peppercorn Sauce - Beerenberg Family Farm
• Bush BBQ Bullseye Spice Blend - Outback Chef (Wild Wood Farm)
• Orange & Hazelnut Chocolate Bar - Bahen & Co.

Try pairing these items with your Australian wines for fun! Read more about the Products and Artisans below.

International wines sold separately

Bahen & Co.

Picture of Bahen & Co.

Based in Margaret River, Western Australia, Bahen & Co. is a premium chocolate company that takes a traditional approach to chocolate making, using small-batch stone ground techniques with restored vintage machines. Chocolatier Josh Bahen actually began as a winemaker, and it is with this attention to detail that Bahen & Co.’s artisanal bean to bar chocolate is formed.

Featured Product: Orange & Hazelnut Chocolate Bar

Located in Margaret River, Western Australia

Outback Chef

Picture of Outback Chef

Outback Chef emerged as an Australian native herb and spice company back in 2005, and it’s now one of Australia’s leading suppliers of native herbs, spices, fruits and berries to the hospitality industry and home chefs. Founder Jude Mayall has been actively involved in the Aboriginal art and culture industry since 1990, and was inspired by their stories of survival and food gathering. Over time, it fueled her desire to go further with Australian native bush food and it quickly became her job and life’s passion.

Featured Product: Bush BBQ Bullseye Spice Blend

Located in Malvern, Victoria, Australia

The Pink Tea Box

Picture of The Pink Tea Box

Located just outside of Sydney, Australia, The Pink Tea Box sources the finest organic teas from around the world and offers unique blends to complement any time of day, any season, every personality, and every occasion. It is their mission to only offer the purest and best teas available -from loose leaf to whole leaf, and everything in between, while sharing the various health benefits, the history of tea, and most importantly, the different flavors and aromas that premium quality teas can offer.

Featured Product: Australian Breakfast Tea

Located in Sydney, Australia

Beerenberg Family Farm

Picture of Beerenberg Family Farm

Located in the rolling Adelaide Hills in South Australia, Beerenberg Family Farm has always been - and always will be - proudly Australian-owned and operated by the Paech family. In fact, the family has lived on and farmed this land for over 200 years. Today, they offer delicious homemade Australian jams, chutneys, gourmet relishes, and sauces, made right on the farm. Beerenberg, which means 'Berry Hill' in German, is a nod to the Paech family's heritage, their produce, and hillside location.

Featured Products:
• Mclaren Vale Vineyard Honey for Cheese
• Peppercorn Sauce

Located in Adelaide Hills, South Australia