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Adventure Package: Argentina


Upon visiting Argentina, it is easy to see that Argentine people have a love for food, wine, and gathering together.

Argentine cuisine is often described as a cultural blending of Mediterranean and Native American influences, with multicultural immigration serving as a huge factor in the diversity and wide range of regional dishes. In fact, did you know that Argentina was one of the countries in the world with the most immigrants, only second to the United States?

Prior to the arrival of the Spanish settlers in the 1500’s, and the immigrants from Europe, the Near and Middle East, Russia and Japan in the late 1800’s, the Native Americans lived in Argentina for thousands of years. Members of the tribes grew squash, melons and sweet potatoes in the fertile southern parts of the country and these products are still enjoyed today. When the millions of immigrants came to live in Argentina, they brought with them cultural traditions that contributed to the development of Argentine cuisine as we know it now. Most of the immigrants were from Italy and Spain, which explains the variety of pasta dishes, spices, and grilled meats that are so important to the foundation of Argentine food. The British immigrants also brought tea, which started the tradition of teatime.

Today, most regions of Argentina are known for their beef-oriented diet and the most common condiments for asado (barbecue) are the great Chimichurri and Salsa Criolla. Breaded and fried meats and empanadas (small pastries of meat) are also especially common. The vegetables most often enjoyed in Argentina include tomatoes, onions, eggplants, squashes and zucchini.

Upon visiting Argentina, it is easy to see that Argentine people have a love for food, eating, and gathering together. Invitations to have dinner at one’s home is usually a symbol of friendship and warmth and Sunday family lunch is considered the most significant meal of the week. The tradition of preparing authentic, locally-inspired foods is an art that is lovingly passed down from generation to generation. Salud!

The International Gourmet Adventure Package from Argentina includes the following items:

• Chimichurri de Montana - Alcaraz Conservas Gourmet
• Vinagre de Vino - Alcaraz Conservas Gourmet
• Porotos Condimentados - Alcaraz Conservas Gourmet
• Salsa Criolla - Capsicum Gourmet
• Chocolate Bar with Dried Fruits - Mamuschka
• Yerba Mate - Isondú

Enjoy these authentic Argentinian products with the three featured wines from Revancha Vinos for the full experience of Argentina! Read more about the Products and Artisans below.

International wines sold separately.


Picture of Mamuschka

Founded in 1989 in Bariloche in the province of Rio Negro, Argentina, Mamuschka produces award winning artisan chocolates, coffees, pastries, and ice creams from the best local ingredients. Mamuschka is the first chocolatier in Bariloche to produce its own cocoa dough, which gives its chocolate products a truly unique flavor. Offering a wide variety of dark and milk chocolates with fillings of dried fruits, nuts, and liquor, Mamuschka crafts chocolates for every palate and customer.

Featured Product:
• Chocolate Bar with Dried Fruits

Located in Bariloche, Rio Negro, Argentina


Picture of Isondú

Isondú’s mission is to produce Yerba Mate that captures the values, techniques and meticulous care that is so necessary in the artisanal craft of perfecting premium quality Yerba Mate. Isondú, located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, uses the traditional Barbacua system when crafting their Yerba Mate, which exposes the leaves to wood-fire heat for 24 hours and allows the essence of the native woods to be absorbed. Then, the Yerba Mate is matured for 24 months, which promotes a more delicate scent, long-lasting flavor, and eliminates the potential for heartburn. An antioxidant-rich, energy boosting formula!

Featured Product:
• Yerba Mate

Located in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Alcaraz Conservas Gourmet 1985

Picture of Alcaraz Conservas Gourmet 1985

Located in the town of Fray Luis Beltran, in the Province of Mendoza, Alcaraz Conservas Gourmet 1985 has been handcrafting all kinds of canned fruits and vegetables since 1985. The products are harvested from select farms at the foot of the Andes Mountains, taken to the Alcaraz factory, and cooked, canned and jarred, and made ready to take home to your dinner table to enjoy.

Featured Products:
• Chimichurri de Montana
• Vinagre de Vino
• Porotos Condimentados

Located in Fray Luis Beltran, Province of Mendoza, Argentina

Capsicum Gourmet

Picture of Capsicum Gourmet

Started in 2014, Capsicum Gourmet is a family business that began with the intention of offering authentic and original spicy sauces and salsas, crafted with native Argentinean ingredients. Their most popular line of products include the spicy salsas, prepared with 100% natural ingredients from the Mendoza region of Argentina.

Featured Product:
• Salsa Criolla

Located in the Mendoza Region, Argentina